Borg has become a college student’s day-drinking staple — you can’t go anywhere outside on a weekend without seeing one. If you’re somehow still in the dark about what exactly a “Borg” is, the seemingly meaningless word is actually an acronym standing for “Black out rage gallon.” A Borg can really be made of anything you want, but the traditional Borg is created in a gallon jug of water, half-emptied of the water, of course, vodka, and an entire MiO. My favorite part of Borg culture is coming up with a funny name — my personal favorites are “Borgon donor” and “Curious borg.” 

#SpoonTip: No matter what you're drinking, make sure to always drink responsibly. Spoon does not promote binge or underage drinking.

As the weather starts to get warmer, Borgs will make their way out of hibernation for darties, and I’m thinking it’s time we switch up the traditional recipe. If you’re looking for some more creative, warm weather-inspired Borg recipes, you’ve come to the right place.

Pink Lemonade Borg

Pink lemonade is the perfect summer treat, so why not turn it into a Borg? This creator uses lemon lime Liquid IV, Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka, cranberry juice, and Country Time Pink Lemonade powder mix to craft the perfect pink lemonade-flavored Borg. 

Mojito Borg

As a cocktail, mojitos are a delicious blend of rum, lime, and mint, but I think these flavors can definitely be translated into Borg form, and one Redditor agrees with me. Their recipe for a Mojito Borg is white rum, lemon lime MiO, Crystal Light, lime wedges, and mint leaves. Most college students don’t have mint leaves on hand, but I’m sure it would be delicious either way. 

Orange Creamsicle Borg

This is another good idea coming from the r/Frat Reddit thread — I’m sure we’re all shocked there. The suggestion is to combine any flavor of whipped vodka (like Pinnacle) and use orange Kool Aid instead of MiO, and you’d have yourself an orange creamsicle-flavored Borg. 

Fruit Punch Borg

Fruit punch brings me right back to summer camp as a kid, and it’s super easy to tweak and turn into a Borg recipe. All you really need for this Borg is some fruit punch-flavored Crystal Light or MiO — I think either vodka or tequila would work well in combination. This creator on TikTok also adds Celsius and LiquidIV to her Borg for some added flavor. 

Blue Raspberry Lemonade Borg

In my opinion, you can never have too much lemonade during the summer. TikTok creator parisjpinkney crafts her Borg with tequila, lemonade and blue raspberry lemonade-flavored Kool Aid packs, a packet of Propel for electrolytes, a little bit of MiO, and half a can of Red Bull for what she calls, “some final razzle dazzle.” 

Get Creative With Flavor Combinations

MiO sells flavors that range from mango peach to strawberry pineapple, and vodka brands like Smirnoff have so many fun flavors too. Play around with combinations you think you’d like — I’d like to try raspberry Smirnoff mixed with either cranberry raspberry or blueberry lemonade MiO.