In the Spoon series Pop Culture Kitchen, we write about celeb recipes trending on the internet. This month, we are sipping on Bella Hadid's Erewhon smoothie.

Colorful smoothies from the very Los Angeles and expensive grocery store Erewhon will not leave my TikTok For You Page. From Emma Chamberlain to Kourtney Kardashian, I’ve seen countless videos of reviews of these exclusive smoothies. People are obsessed with this store and its celeb-endorsed drinks.

The latest one is with Bella Hadid and her non-alcoholic beverage brand Kin Euphorics. The smoothie is called “The Kinsicle” and is inspired by orange creamsicles. Like all the other celebrity smoothies, this one is at a high price point of $19. 

What is Bella Hadid’s Erewhon smoothie?

The smoothie is refreshing and tropical with fruity ingredients like orange juice, creamsicle coconut yogurt, mango, and coconut cream. There’s also aloe vera juice, turmeric, lion’s mane (a type of mushroom), dates, almond milk, and Kin Euphoric High Rhode, a gently caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverage. Once it’s all blended, it gives sunshine vibes with its yellow base and white cream swirls. Erewhon advertises that the smoothie “boosts immunity and restores essential nutrients while the magic of high rhode.”

To build hype for “The Kinscle” Hadid stopped by Erewhon Santa Monica location and made smoothies for fans. Imagine Bella Hadid making your morning smoothie. She also signed Kin Euphoric branded smoothie labels and hid them throughout the store. 

What does the Bella Hadid’s Erewhon smoothie taste like?

The reviews for the smoothie fans are overwhelmingly positive. Reviewers have described the smoothie as light weight, citrusy but not too sweet, and fresh. Some have even said it reminded them of other fruity favorites, like an orange julius and dole whip. 

How to make the Bella Hadid’s Erewhon smoothie at home

If you don’t live in Los Angeles or don’t want to run to Erewhon to spend $19 on one smoothie, no worries, Kin Euphorics shared the Erewhon exclusive smoothie recipe on their website. Although some of the harder-to-find and not budget friendly ingredients, like lion’s mane or orange creamsicle coconut yogurt, may discourage you from trying to make the smoothie at home, you can find substitutions. The yogurt can be swapped for a regular coconut yogurt, and the fancy mushrooms can be replaced with regular or left out altogether.