The day I found out all my dreams had come true, I’d just finished a Lover phase and was listening to Evermore on repeat for the 27th time. I was writing my daily diary entry with a quill pen on a sheet of papyrus (for the extra drama) when my Swiftie senses started tingling. It’s not a new album (unfortunately) or surprise music video, but something Taylor Swift-themed is nearby. A Taylor Swift-themed breakup bar.

Could it be? Did God exist? Was there really a point to this madness we call living, after all? The bar is located in Chicago as a popup based on possibly the best breakup song ever, “Bad Blood.” It will run between February 3 to the 26, giving all the single girlies (and everyone else) a place to jam out on Valentine's Day. The only thing missing? T-Swift herself.

If you didn’t just immediately buy tickets, imagine this:

Two dirty shirleys in, “Enchanted” comes on, and you take the dance floor. You’re busting out moves no one has ever seen before. Everyone around you is wondering, “Is that even legal?” Suddenly, a Charlie Puth song comes on. The mood is ruined. You faint and have to be carried out on a stretcher. All of this could have been avoided if only you were in a Taylor Swift-themed bar where the DJ never dared to break up her melodious symphony with the songs of other “musicians.” And now, thanks to Bucketlisters, the hosts of the popup, never again will this atrocity befall you. The ticket gets you a 90-minute slot to dance your heart out and a welcome cocktail. Why would you miss the chance to drink an “It’s Me, Hi, I’m the Problem, It’s Me-mosa,” and a “We are No-jito Getting Back Together.” I just made these names up, but imagine the possibilities

Fair warning, in addition to the $22 entry fee, you have to sing “this is me trying” word for word, or the bouncer is legally allowed to kill you. I mean seriously, what’s more enjoyable than getting inebriated with a bunch of swifties? The correct answer is nothing! 

Get your tickets here