As I'm sure you know, Taylor Swift changes her style every album she releases. Naturally, when you're giving her music a listen, you need a snack that fits the mood. These are the perfect foods to go with each of Taylor's albums.

Album 1: "Taylor Swift"

OG T-Swift is as innocent and pure as the juice boxes you would sip on as a kid. They fit any occasion, like jamming to "Our Song" or having a little pity party to "Teardrops On My Guitar." Overall, it's a timeless pick me up for classic Taylor.

Emily Pantelleria

Album 2: "Fearless"

"Fearless" features sweet, storytelling Taylor with a punch of sour sadness since you can feel the raw emotions she's projecting, like a tall glass of lemonade. One sip of any lemonade and you're initially hit with the sweetness, like "Love Story," but you keep drinking and hit a sour note, like "White Horse."

soda, juice, liquor, beer, alcohol
Hailey Almsted

Album 3: "Speak Now"

This Taylor is sweet and refreshing, like the perfect summer fruit salad. Every song is light, and the album is a good mix of different kinds of songs with nothing you particularly dislike except maybe the one bad bite of honeydew that will linger for a while.

candy, apple, salad, berry, strawberry, fruit salad, sweet
Kristine Mahan

Album 4: "Red"

"Red" is when Taylor really started to lean towards the pop vibe but still kept some country influences in her music. "Red" highlights a lot of different feelings and musical influences, but it's a little off compared to her previous work, like a sweet potato compared to a plain, old potato. It still rocks, though.

yam, carbohydrate, sweet potato, potato, pasture, tuber, vegetable
Lily Allen

Album 5: "1989"

Let's be honest. "1989" is full of pop bops that make you feel pretty basic but are still worth listening to, like a colorful Starbucks drink you get just to take a picture of but it ends up tasting good. Talk about Starbucks lovers.

Starbucks, pink and blue, Unicorn, coffee, cold drink, Unicorn Frappuccino, Frappuccino, milk
Shelby Cohron

Upcoming Album 6: "Reputation"

"Reputation" is something you go to when you're hoping for some new Taylor Swift that will kind of be similar to what you know for some comfort. Based off of "Look What You Made Me Do" and "Ready For It," I'd say this album is an oatmeal raisin cookie. You're hoping for the savory goodness of a chocolate chip cookie, but you're duped and end up with something less appealing but still okay.

oatmeal, cookie, chocolate
Emma Henzes

Now that you know what I recommend to go with every one of her albums, gather your snacks, choose your mood and listen on. "Reputation" drops on November 10th...are you ready for it?