No matter whether you're on Team Taylor or Kimye, the release of the "Reputation" album has shaken us all. I have never danced harder to a rapping Taylor Swift (also never thought I'd write that sentence), and I am so here for her new vibes. I know that many have been trying to dissect all the lyrics for Calvin Harris references, but you're missing the point. 

Taylor's lyrics are no longer focused solely on love, but also alcohol. With her numerous references to our favorite weekend beverages, it's clear that Taylor just wants us to drink with her. Here's the full list of drinks you need for a "Reputation" listening party.

"...Ready For It?": Lemon Drop

As the first song on the album and one of the first singles, "...Ready For It?" really announces "Reputation" as the banger it is. The perfect way to celebrate? With a drop of your own. Next time Taylor sings "Let the games begin," take a sip of a Lemon Drop to celebrate.

"End Game": Sea Breeze

In one of the best collabs of all time (shoutout to Future and Ed Sheeran), Taylor graced us all with this lyric: "I just wanna be drinking on a beach with you all over me." The perfect drink for this romantic getaway is obviously a Sea Breeze.

The perfect combination of grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, and vodka is a cocktail anyone can get behind (Taylor included).

"I Did Something Bad": Fireball

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Christin Urso

Taylor is obsessed with the fire imagery in this song. The entire bridge is basically "So light me up" on repeat. I'm gonna venture to say that she wants her fans to be lit, too. And the best way to get there: Fireball, obviously. 

"Don't Blame Me": Absinthe

To be honest, this song is way more about referring to her man as a drug, rather than drinks. She literally sings: "Oh, Lord, save me, my drug is my baby. I'll be usin' for the rest of my life. I get so high, oh!" The solution: Go for a drink that's pretty much a drug.

Good news for all you rule followers: Absinthe is now legal in the US again after some adjustments. Just try your best to take it easy with this one, for there was a reason this drink was banned.

"Delicate": Gin and Tonic

"Delicate" gives us the iconic line: "We can't make any promises now, can we, babe? But you can make me a drink." Props to Taylor for telling it like it is and recognizing the fragility of the f*ckboi. Drinks are easier than promises, especially a super easy cocktail recipe like gin and tonic.

"Look What You Made Me Do": Tequila Shot

"Look What You Made Me Do" is hands down the saltiest song of the album. If you don't believe me, watch the music video and you'll be shook. Obviously, the only drink that can match this level of sass is a shot of tequila complete with salt and lime. 

"So It Goes...": Martini

"So It Goes" doesn't explicitly say anything about martinis, but it definitely gives off a martini type of vibe. Maybe its because Taylor references her classic red lipstick? Or the idea of meeting up in an upscale bar? Not sure what exactly, but something about this song makes me think of a James Bond movie and a classy drink I can't afford.

Gorgeous: Whiskey on Ice

Honestly, most of "Gorgeous" sounds like a girl drunkenly ranting about her crush. I think we've all been there after throwing back some whiskey on ice.

Tay blames much of her awkwardness on the alcohol, which is real with the whiskey. She specifically got drunk and made fun of her new boy's accent (aka a huge reference to her new British beau Joe Alwyn).

"Getaway Car": Old Fashioned

Taylor says it herself, "I knew it from the first old fashioned, we were cursed. It hit you like a shotgun shot to the heart." Safe to say, this drink will hit you fast. Is the Old Fashioned a little too old fashioned for ya? Mix it up with a trendy Chai Old Fashioned

"King of My Heart": Royal Flush

Bow down to Queen Taylor. She 100 percent proves her lyrical genius with this album, and girl can write some catchy songs. One of my personal favorites is "King of My Heart," and it deserves a cocktail worthy of its royalty: the Royal Flush

"Dancing With Our Hands Tied": Dirty Shirley

Dirty Shirley's combination of vodka, sprite, and grenadine will definitely make you feel like dancing, which is perfect for "Dancing With Our Hands Tied." Dancing is literally in the name of the song, and this upbeat tune will be the cherry on top of your girls night out. 

"Dress": Wine

"Dress" has been stirring up controversy since "Reputation" came out. Rumor has it that Taylor wrote it about Ed Sheeran. (Don't get too excited. Ed set the record straight.) At least we can drink some wine to mask the disappointment.

Taylor tells us the key to relaxing: wine and a bathtub. She sings, "I'm spilling wine in the bathtub." This song has taught me to avoid drinking wine in the bathtub. I'm not gonna risk spilling my Two-Buck Chuck for some moody vibes. 

"This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things": Champagne

No one does revenge tracks better than Taylor, and "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" is no exception. Sorry Kimye, but your days of being a part of Taylor's squad are officially over.

She sings, "Jumping to the pool from the balcony. Everyone swimming in a champagne sea." Obviously, we need to take a cue from Taylor and toast the haters goodbye with some champagne. 

"Call It What You Want": Golden Dream

In "Call It What You Want," Taylor is totally living the dream. Her "baby's fit like a daydream," and she's not afraid to tell us all about it.

Taylor thriving needs a cocktail to match, and Golden Dream is the answer. It's basically an alcoholic creamsicle. **Cue Lizzie McGuire's "This is what dreams are made of."** 

"New Year's Day": Beer

Although New Year's Eve might be full of champagne, the next day is a little tamer. The perfect solution? Some nice cold beer. Taylor sings, "But I'll be cleaning up bottles with you on New Year's Day." Plus, beer is a nice chill way to finish off a "Reputation" listening party (or pregame).

Although Taylor has received some heat for the constant alcohol references in "Reputation," I am (apologies for my cheesiness) ready for it. Her new album has the best drinking vibes.

Now that you know all the drinks you need to listen to Taylor Swift, you're totally ready for any type of hangout, whether it's a hype pregame or a chill wine night. Let the ~drinking games~ begin.