Whether you spent Saturday night studying in the library or turning up at a frat party, a recovery brunch Sunday morning is a must. Brunch has many rejuvenating properties from pancakes to friends to, most importantly, booze.

If you’re a regular boozy-bruncher, chances are you have a go-to morning beverage to kick-start the day. But for those of you new to the drunch game, here is your beginner’s guide to brunch cocktails no matter what state you’re in.

11. Irish Coffee

brunch cocktails

Photo courtesy of V. Brandy on eatwell101.com

Irish coffee was made for the caffeine lovers of boozy brunches. On a particularly cold morning, the Irish whiskey and hot coffee mix topped with whipped cream will undoubtedly warm you up.

#SpoonTip: While it’s technically not Irish coffee, Baileys and coffee gets the same idea across but it’s a little easier going down.

10. Lemon Drop

brunch cocktails

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A lemon drop, with sweetness from simple syrup and sour from – what else? – lemon juice, will wake up your taste buds for sure. Served in a martini glass with margarita-style sugar on the rim, you can’t help but drink a lemon drop fast just to lick the sugar off the edges. Put a little Beyoncé on and you’ve got a brunch worthy of Blue Ivy.

9. Dirty Hot Chocolate

brunch cocktails

Photo by Charles Wetherbee

Chocolate + booze + brunch = Heaven. Need I say more? I suggest peppermint schnapps as the boozy addition for a peppermint patty flavor.

8. Mint Julep

brunch cocktails

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Not only is a mint julep tasty and alcoholic, but it will also freshen your breath. It consists of bourbon, water, and mint. Can you say minty fresh? A classic beverage at the Kentucky Derby, the mint julep will transport your brunch straight into the South – if you weren’t already there, that is.

7. Bellini

brunch cocktails

Photo by Becca Buchanan

Cousin of the mimosa, the bellini combines Prosecco and peach nectar. I mean, come on – if something has nectar in it, it must be classy, right? Plus, since Prosecco is a sparkling wine and doesn’t have a very high alcohol content, bellinis are basically bubbly peach juice that get you buzzed. What more do you need in life?

6. Bourbon Iced Tea

brunch cocktails

Photo courtesy of @Muffet on flickr.com

If you drink iced tea at brunch anyways, you might as well add some bourbon, amiright?

5. Daiquiri

brunch cocktails

Photo by Courtney Lailey

“Daiquiri” is basically any slushie-like drink containing rum and some sort of fruit. Frozen, fruity, and freaking delicious, daiquiris scream pool day. Nothing cools you down on a hot day like a strawberry daiquiri.

4. Mojito

brunch cocktails

Photo by Christin Urso

If you like the idea of a mint julep, but don’t like dark liquor, mojitos are for you. Mojitos have white rum, lime juice, sparkling water, sugar (yum), and mint. Again, minty fresh. If you’re looking to spice up the classic mojito, try this watermelon version.

3. Sangria

brunch cocktails

Photo by Becca Buchanan

Native to Spain, sangria consists of wine, whole and chopped fruit and flavored liquor. Think sun-tea but replace the water with wine and the tea bags with fruit. Sangria is perfect for a sunny outdoor brunch, eating tapas and talking about fútbol.

2. Bloody Mary

brunch cocktails

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Get your hydration here! The epitome of “hair of the dog,” a bloody mary is one morning-after remedy that promises to at least put off the hangover until the afternoon. Between the tomato juice, vodka and salt, headaches don’t stand a chance against this arguably nutritious cocktail.

1. Mimosa

brunch cocktails

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Not only are mimosas delicious, but they are quite possibly the easiest cocktail ever to make. Equal parts champagne and orange juice, this fizzy, citrus-y drink is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and awake.