Break-ups suck. It's a fact of life, and all you really want to do is curl up in a ball and cry for at least a couple of weeks. Especially with the end of the semester and the end of the "I -can't-do-long-distance" relationships, a lot of people are struggling with finding the right food to comfort their hurting heart. (But unfortunately, food can't heal all problems. That's what time is for.) Most people's go-to best break-up food is ice cream, but I asked a whole bunch of people what their real best break-up food is and these are their responses

1. Food?

"It's not gonna be a meal, but liquor and Taco Bell." -Diane Dolan, my mom

2. Go With Greek

"Gyros. They're greasy, they have that cucumber mayonnaise*. They're so gross but so good." - John Dolan, my dad

*that 'cucumber mayonnaise' is actually called tzatziki for those who don't know

3. The Reality

"I like to eat lettuce when I break up with a guy because I lose my appetite. I guess I just want my stomach to feel the way my heart feels: empty." -Vrianna Rodriguez, Student

4. Childhood Nostalgia

"Flavor-Blasted Goldfish. The cheesy greatness settles my feelings. Has to be flavor-blasted cheddar, though." -Mickey Dolan, my brother

5. Easy, Greasy, Beautiful

"Chimichangas. The ingredients are cheap. It's really fatty, self-pity food that tastes very good." -Gracey Dolan, my sister

6. Revenge Food

"Something healthy because revenge body." -Cat Benavides, Student

7. #Relatable

"Fries because I want to eat them but I don't wanna eat them, but then I do because I'm fat." -Olivia Rome

8. The Classic

"Chocolate. Any chocolate I can get my hands on. It's comfort and lethargic when you eat it because everything just slows down. And why not?" -Andi Utter, Student

9. Fast Food Healing

"It took me two days to eat, but my first meal after my breakup was Whataburger." -Sarah Gonzalez, Student

10. The No-Ice Cream Ice Cream

"Root Beer Freezes from Dairy Queen. They're delicious and it's ice cream without tasting like ice cream because I don't like ice cream." -Lexie Yunger, Student

11. Real Comfort Food

"Mac n' Cheese and ice cream. It's my comfort food for everything." -Joe Mendoza, Student

12. Home-Cooking

"Sour Cream and Chicken Enchiladas because my dad makes them and they make me happy." -Rebecca Velez, Student

13. Feeling Grounded

"Nachos. I feel like they make me feel grounded and comfortable." -Anonymous

14. Going Italian

"Spaghetti. I usually only eat it on rare occasions. It calls to me." -Brette Samson, Student

15. Sticking With The Favorites

"Street corn. It's comfort food. It's my favorite vegetable covered in spices and cheese." -Kam Bryce, Student

16. The Warm and Fuzzies

"Oreos and Nutella because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside when I'm sad." -Brieanna Bowman, Student

17. Unhealthy Heath

"Hands down, sweet potato fries with honey because you gotta have something really greasy and salty but not something bad for you. And I put honey on everything because of Milk & Honey*."   -Caro Dominguez, Adult

*Milk & Honey is an incredible book written by Rupi Kaur. Highly recommend it for someone going through a break-up.

18. Bread Basics

"A loaf of bread you make from scratch because it allows you to focus all your energy on making that bread and not the break-up or anything surrounding it." -Johnny Dolan, Adult and my brothe

19. Nothing Specific

"Chips just because it's something I do anyways so it would be something to go to. I don't think I need anything specific to get over a break-up." -Val Vial, Student

20. Texan Roots

"Barbeque sandwich because it's something I really enjoy." -a guy who's never been through a break-up

So, now to have it. Everybody is different, but most people tend to stick to the comfort foods. A lot of the people said they didn't really eat for a couple days because they had no appetite, but once they did, they went to comfort. That's what I'm going through right now, but I'll be home soon when I can have my dad's cooking once again. These are the best break-up foods according to 20 different people, but if you're going through a tough time, remember that everything is temporary, and you will be okay. Time heals all wounds, and you will survive this.

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