A breakup induces the onset of tears, the urgent need for a new hair color, fifteen trips to the liquor store, and stress eating. The problem with stress eating is the vicious cycle it launches. Once you start eating your feelings, it’s hard to stop. One more fry will make the pain THAT much more bearable, right? But it won’t. Been there, done that.

No need to worry, though. Healthy break-up foods do exist. Better yet, most of these foods carry vitamins that actually help minimize stress. At the same time, these healthier options will prevent you from piling on the dreaded post-breakup pounds. Overeating caused by emotions is a real problem, and your breakup is a real problem. Real problems like these don’t mix well together, so wave goodbye to greasy, fat-packed fried foods and start looking out for your health instead. Your body will thank you.

The snack is where it's at

Shelby Cohron

It's known that eating 5-8 small meals (or snack-like meals) is better than 3 huge meals. This will be the golden rule during your post-breakup recovery because the cravings will be real and you will want to eat a lot. Instead, space out your snacks so that you’re eating small portions frequently throughout the day. This way, you will never feel hungry. Hunger triggers bad vibes, and we don’t want any more bad vibes after a breakup.

Opt for almonds. They are tasty and have even been said to help with stress levels. Almonds are packed with B vitamins and magnesium, both of which are involved in the production of serotonin. Throw down for some avocados or cheese and crackers to complete your healthy snack. 

The ultimate comfort food

When it comes to your bigger meals, you should opt for healthy comfort foods. The internet has tons of recipes, spanning from low-carb dishes to all-organic meals. My suggestion is an oldie but a goodie. It's every mom's remedy for a broken heart and you secretly have been looking for any excuse to eat it — grilled cheese. Go all out and pair it with mac n’ cheese or chicken noodle soup. Now is your chance to shamelessly eat as many homestyle meals as your heart desires. 

Drink the night away (without drinking your soul away)

Restless nights are often products of a nasty breakup, and lack of sleep just wreaks even more havoc on your life. Various types of tea have sleep-inducing properties, so skip the drunk crying sesh just this once in favor of your body’s well-being. Chamomile, lavender, and peppermint are all well-known nighttime teas. For an extra boost to your confidence, try out green tea or ginger tea. Both are known for making your skin healthy and glowing. 

Stressed backwards = dessert

It’s not a breakup without some Ben & Jerry’s and at least one chocolate bar, so I’ll let you slide just this once. If you’re cutting back on junk food in the other food departments, you owe yourself a little room to binge.

Don’t forget the underlying message about coping with over-eating, though. Breakups suck, but mistreating your body sucks a whole lot more.