Hosting any holiday can be stressful, especially if you're a last minute planner. Luckily there are tons of simple and mouthwatering brunch recipes to choose from. The Incredible Egg can help you turn any boring old eggs into an insta-worthy Easter brunch sure to please the guests at your weekend festivities. These four recipes are the perfect solution for any tight schedule-- they each only require a handful of household items, so you may not even need to run out to the grocery store for any of them. 

1. The Easter Bunny’s Eggs in a Basket

Photo courtesy of The American Egg Board

I recently decided to give bread up in an effort to be healthier, but I could not resist this recipe. I had to hit pause on that attempt and was not disappointed when I tried this recipe.  This beautiful brunch idea requires less than five ingredients and only takes 20 minutes total to create. With sunny-side up eggs nestled into a warm baguette, Eggs in a Basket is an instant Easter crowd-pleaser for kids and adults alike! 

2. Benedict Arnold’s Eggs Benedict

Photo courtesy of The American Egg Board

In just over 20 minutes you can have this delicious and filling Eggs Benedict in your belly. Easy-cooking, fancy-looking, this one's a no-brainer for your Easter brunch. For more eggs benedict breakfast ideas, check out six recipes that will revive you from any long night out

3. Egg & Avocado Breakfast Crostini

Photo courtesy of The American Egg Board

Avocado toast is the food trend that will (hopefully) never die. I'm almost positive adding avocado to any food will instantly make it ten times better. We’ve dubbed this finger food the ultimate Easter egg hunt fuel!

For more ideas on how to make your avocado toast slightly less basic, check out a few ways to switch up your avocado toast game.

4. Basic Egg Frittata Recipe

Photo courtesy of The American Egg Board

Number four on our list is perfect for brunch or a quick weeknight dinner. Get creative with this one and make your frittata vegetarian-friendly by adding leftover cooked veggies, potatoes, cheese or even rice for a filling. For some extra protein, you can toss in some cooked meat or seafood. Egg Frittatas were one of the most popular brunch dishes from 2017, according The Incredible Egg.

There's absolutely no need to stress about what to make for Easter because these super easy recipes require the least amount of effort possible, while proving that anything tastes better with an egg. They're also perfect for whipping up as a satisfying dinner any busy day of the week.

For additional recipe ideas to bring to your Easter table, check out 13 vegetarian brunch recipes that put bacon to shame, and don't forget to keep a few tips in mind that will improve your homemade brunch game even more this Easter.