A serious breakfast is a necessity when you’re hungover, and Eggs Benedict is perfect for any breakfast aficionado. Eggs Benny includes an English muffin, ham, eggs and hollandaise sauce.  So when you wake up from your night out with a killer headache and empty stomach, here’s six Eggs Benny recipes to revive you.

1. Classic Eggs Benedict
Classic Eggs Benny will always feel right, two poached eggs with ham and hollandaise sauce on an English muffin. You can always substitute bacon and still keep the original Eggs Benedict flavor. Here’s your basic recipe.

2. Florentine

Go vegetarian and swap out the ham for spinach and tomato. Eggs Benedict is pretty heavy so this version is great if you’re not sure how much your body can handle yet.

3. Waffle

Keep the classic Eggs Benny feel but switch up the textures with a crispy savory waffle instead of an english muffin. Find a great waffle recipe here.

Photo Courtesy of Zeke Franco on Flickr

4. Huevos Rancheros

If you think you can handle some spice in your late morning, try chorizo sausage and a topping of salsa and black beans on your eggs.

5. Irish

Saint Patty’s Day is fast approaching, along with your school’s annual parties and parades. For the morning after your drunken Irish antics get this variation with corned beef and cabbage.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Kubina on Flickr

6. Salmon

For a seafood twist add smoked salmon and throw a little bit of dill in your hollandaise sauce.

Photo Courtesy of Devlyn on Flickr