Nothing is better than waking up later than usual in the morning and stuffing your face with breakfast foods. Brunch has its own food culture now. However, the price to brunch out every weekend is just too much. That's why I've made it my duty to provide you five budget-friendly tips that will change the way you brunch.

1. Use sparkling water in your pancake batter.

You know those pancakes that are just so light and fluffy it feels like you're eating a cloud? The secret is sparkling water. I am not kidding. Sparkling water somehow creates this super fluffy batter that your friends and your stomach will believe came from a restaurant.

Just replace the amount of water required in the recipe with sparkling or tonic water. Beware: Do not shake batter in a closed container! I'm speaking from experience…

2. Make your own mimosas.

Feeling fancy? Skip your average orange juice for this simple non-alcoholic mimosa recipe. Put equal parts of juice and bubbly into a glass or champagne chute. For example, use the remainder of your sparkling water and a carton of orange juice. If you're 21 or older, you can use champagne as your “bubbly” component.

3. “Hack” your favorite brunch recipes.

My favorite brunch chain back home is First Watch. The restaurant previously offered a delicious breakfast special called “Millionaire’s Bacon” that was ah-mazing. When the special was over, I decided to experiment on my own and made the best plate of bacon I've ever tasted. You can do the same, whether the recipe is French toast, omelets or scones. The important thing is to have fun and to eat some good food.

4. One pan = a whole meal!

YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are full of recipes that require only one pot or pan. One brunch recipe that is a personal favorite is frittatas. You literally can dump all of your favorite things into a casserole pan and let the oven do its magic.

However, if you're cooking a food that requires more time than another, I would suggest you cook that item a little bit before adding the concoction together. One-pan meals are the future.

5. Brunch potlucks are a thing.

Have fun! Invite friends to make their favorite brunch recipes and share with guests. This way you don't have to stress about all the leftover food. Simply exchange recipes and storage containers for leftovers. I mean, how cool does a brunch party sound?

Brunch culture is erupting into a lifestyle. Instead of worrying about the bill, make your own brunch. I promise the memories and the food will be just as special. Something as basic as cereal can turn into something magical when combining it with French toast. All it takes is a little imagination and a lot of laughter.