Did we ever figure out which came first, the chicken or the egg? It seems to be a question that will remain unknown for all of eternity. We also still have yet to figure out why eggs, no matter the style, are so damn good on just about everything.

Eggs are the perfect entrée or supplement to any meal at any time of the day. They’re a healthy choice because they are low calorie and are packed full of proteins, which help to keep you fuller for longer. They’re cheap and come in bulk, making them affordable for anyone. They even promote eye health. You also have the option, of course, to shop for organic, all-natural or farm raised eggs.

Here are some egg recipes using them every way possible–some new, some old. Others include twists on classics, and others are simply bizarre. Enjoy!


1. Eggs-traordinary Fried Eggs

No explanation needed.

Photo by Megan Prendergast


2. How to Poach an Egg

We’ve all heard of them; Learn how to make your own and see what you’ve been missing.


Photo by Maggie Gorman

 3. Bacon and Egg Toast Cups

Pack all your favorites into a compact breakfast to eat on the go.


Photo by Emily Hu

4. The Lazy Cheese and Egg Bread Bowl

Pack all your favorites into a bowl that you can devour as well.


Photo by Elyse Belarge

5. A Power Breakfast for a Dorm-Dweller

A good ol’ sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit is to start the day.


Photo by Scott Harrington

6. How to Make an Omelet

If you’re new to the whole cooking thing, here’s a perfect guide for making a perfect omelet.


Photo by Alex Tom

7. The Cure to a Hangover: Perfect Egg Sandwiches

Be honest with yourself. If you’ve got a hangover, you’re more than likely eating brunch anyway.


Photo by Amanda Gajdosik


8. Avocado Egg Salad

A perfect sandwich to keep you full until dinner.

Photo by Arisa Toyosaki

9. Ham & Egg in a Nest

All the necessities served in a creative fashion.


Photo by Lily Chin

10. The Best BLT You Will Ever Eat

Add greens to your classic sandwich.


Photo by Tiare Brown

11. BLT Re-Invented

Of course, there are endless BLT variations like this one using cream cheese.


Photo by Alexandra Wee

12. The Timeless Chef: Fried Egg with Chickpea Salad and Sriracha

Don’t knock it ’til you try it.


Photo by Chase Kroesche


13. Will It Blend? Pesto Eggs for Two

Spice up your eggs, and possibly impress someone special with this easy meal.

Photo by Christin Urso

14. The Cold Cure: Ginger Curry Egg Drop Soup

When chicken noodle simply won’t do the trick.


Photo by Julia Maguire

15. Balsamic-Braised Bacon Brussels Sprouts with Fried Egg

Not for the faint of heart–however, the end result is phenomenal.


Photo by Andrea Kang

16. Chinese Scrambled Eggs with Tomato

So easy, so delicious.


Photo by Nancy Chen

17. Spice up Your Ramen

Why not?


Photo by Justin Shannin

18. Thai Rice with Garlic Green Beans and Fried Eggs

An Asian style dish that can be made with ease.


Photo by Bonnie Wu

19. Seared Pork Loin with Vegetable Medley and Fried Egg

Add an egg to almost any dinner really, and you’ll be satisfied in the end.


Image Courtesy of Alvin Zhou

Snacks n’ Apps

20. Aioli: Make Your Own

An easy recipe for this traditional delicacy in topping form.


Photo by Nina Lincoff

21. How to Make Hard- And Soft-Boiled Eggs

These are a staple for any person on a tight schedule.


Photo by Justin Shannin

22. Portobello Eggs

Doesn’t it just sound intriguing?


Photo by Jacky Falkenberg

23. Veggie Egg White Bites

A gluten free option that will impress your friends during the big game.


Photo by Molly Krohe

24. Spaghetti Squash Egg Bites

If you are feeling adventurous, here’s something to try.


Photo by Mulin Xiong

25. Baked Egg in An Avocado

My personal favorite, especially with onions, ham and cheese on top. You’re welcome.


Photo by Lauren Feld

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