Being that avocado spread on toast is at peak popularity, I decided to challenge it. I want to see how well it stands up to other creative toasts out there--the fancier kinds and even the most simple. You may have to go slightly out of your comfort zone on this one, but I guarantee these new toasts are worth giving a try. Let's get toasty...

1.  Apple Butter on Toast with Cinnamon and Sliced Apples

To start us off, we are staying simple while also keeping with the spirit of Fall. For this first toast, apple butter is the star of the show. It can best be enjoyed spread over a thick piece of toast and topped with fresh apples. This apple butter toast is nothing short of cinnamon-y deliciousness. 

2. Toast with Yogurt & Fresh Berries

Yogurt is not only great served in a bowl, but it happens to work perfectly spread over a piece of toast with some fresh fruit. The yogurt spread keeps the toast light and will make sure it won't be too filling for the stomach. You can mix up your yogurt flavors or even opt to try a dairy-free yogurt if you desire.

3. Sweet Potato Toast

Now bridging between our more basic toasts and the fancier ideas, I want to put emphasis on the genius sweet potato toast. Though it may seem daunting, this is a toast you can easily make at home. All you need is a sliced sweet potato and a toaster. Now, this is one that will definitely spice up your toast game.

4. Caprese Toast

This Caprese toast idea is so different and so delicious, you'll forget all about avocado toast. All you need is some fresh tomato, mozzarella, basil and some olive oil and balsamic to drizzle overtop. The famous Caprese salad was already good, adding in some bread though--it only makes it better.

5. Goat Cheese, Balsamic & Fig Toast

This toast creation is a favorite in my house. The combination of creamy goat cheese with sweet figs and the savory balsamic glaze are the perfect grouping. All it takes is a spread of goat cheese over toast and some fresh figs on top with the balsamic drizzle. You then have the option to jazz it up with some more toppings. Pictured here are some candied walnuts and a honey drizzle. Mmmm.