Iced Tea: My Summer Go-To

Iced tea is not really something I drink in the winter (unlike iced coffee!), but I love cooling off with a glass of iced tea in the spring and summer. Normally when I visit a restaurant or café and order iced tea, I get a glass of black tea, ice, lemon and a side of sugar. But iced tea can be way more flavorful, creative and fun than this! Don’t get me wrong: this type of iced tea is a classic, but when I drink iced tea the whole summer, I find myself craving something different.

Iced Tea Inspo

Two years ago on a family vacation to Mexico, we dined at a restaurant called Flora Farms. Flora Farms is a 25-acre organic farm that also opened the first organic restaurant in Cabo, Mexico. This restaurant has since grown but still resides amidst the farm. You can visit the farm, dine at the restaurant, walk through the gardens and shop the produce and flowers that have been grown right there! The place is an oasis, and one of my favorite parts of the night was actually the iced tea I ordered.

Spill the Tea

The iced tea I ordered at Flora Farms came in a big, beautiful glass filled with freshly picked mint leaves and lemon, orange and lime wedges, all of which were grown on the farm! The iced tea bursts with flavor, and there is no need to add sugar. I came home from our family vacation to Mexico dreaming of this iced tea, so I decided to recreate it myself. It also inspired me to be more creative in the kitchen and try to think of some new iced tea combos! 

Iced Tea 8 Different Ways

Here are some of my favorite iced tea combinations that I make at home:

1. Iced chai with almond milk

2. Iced chamomile tea with vanilla stevia drops

3. Iced earl grey tea with coconut milk and vanilla stevia drops

4. Iced green tea with mint leaves

5. Iced mango tea with coconut milk

6. Iced matcha with cinnamon and masala chai spices

7. Iced peach tea with mint leaves

8. Iced white tea with muddled fresh fruit (think: raspberries, strawberries, or even pineapple!)   

The Basic Components

These are just some ideas to spruce up iced tea, and you’ll never want to drink boring iced tea again. I always love trying a new combo of iced tea, milk, fruit or herbs. My advice is to invest in a muddler to mash up your fruit or herbs for your iced tea—this will release the fruity and herbal aromas and add a ton of flavor!

How to Make Your Own Iced Tea At Home

A lot of people visit their local Starbucks because they aren’t sure how to make iced tea at home. I brew tea according to the instructions on the box, and then I place ice cubes in the teacup. After letting the ice melt in the tea, I pour this into a large Mason jar filled with more ice cubes. If you want to add fruit or herbs to the iced tea, muddle these ingredients in the serving glass before adding the iced tea. Pour in the tea, and add your favorite milk or flavored stevia drops.

The options truly are endless. Herbal iced tea is an excellent way to stay hydrated over the hot summer, while caffeinated iced tea is the perfect way to stay energized! You can also invite your friends over and create an iced tea bar with different types of tea, fruit, herbs, milk and even cute paper straws. You can each concoct your own drink, and then toast with your amazing, customized iced teas. Cheers!