Are you a coffee-first-thing-in-the-morning person like me? Whether you are a coffee drinker once a day, three times a day, or even once a month, there is one way you can bless others through your cup of coffee

Drink Coffee, Give Water

Tom’s has not only perfected the art of “one for one” giving through fashion but also through coffee. When I bought a pair of shoes, Tom’s donated a pair of shoes to somebody in need. When I bought a bag of coffee beans, Tom’s provided safe water to a human being in need. Tom’s prides itself on using the daily ritual of many—a delicious cup of coffee—to help others by giving safe water to one of the 700 million people in the world who lack access to clean water, something I often take for granted. The goal of Tom’s coffee products is to protect people from water-related illnesses and to reduce time spent gathering water while providing more time for activities like work or school.

Where Can I Get Tom's Coffee?

Tom’s sells coffee beans in select Whole Foods locations as well as at their café-store locations around the globe! Their flagship location in Venice, California, is so artistic and fun to visit, providing an opportunity to shop and drink coffee at the same time! The store also hosts yoga classes, movie nights, and crafts events.

What Should I Order?

Whether you are a latte lover or a black coffee aficionado, there is something for all coffee drinkers. With beans sourced from all over the world, including places like Costa Rica, El Salvador, India, and Peru, Tom's perfects both blends and single-origin coffees. Non-coffee drinkers, don't fret! Tom's offers a delicious matcha drink as well as chai and hot cocoa. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy--while giving clean water to someone in the process!

Can I Bring My Dog?

YES! Tom's in Venice, California, even has a photo wall in the store with polaroids of all their fluffy visitors.

Playing Fair

Tom’s participates in fair trade practices, paying coffee farmers fairly, and the company works with organizations like Water for People to give clean, safe water in seven different countries through community water systems.

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Jocelyn Hsu

I love that Tom’s helps me think of others first thing in the morning as I drink my coffee. It is a beautiful reminder for the entire day to think of and care for others, and I love that I can do that through something that is already a regular part of my day— coffee!