Life is full of choices like coffee or tea, sweet or savory, cats or dogs. But why can't I pick both? I especially feel this way about my love for both coffee and matcha green tea. 

I love the earthy flavor and verdant color of matcha, but I also savor the energizing feeling and comforting aroma of coffee. Drinking coffee and drinking matcha each have health benefits, so I've decided to drink both! 

Matcha is Antioxidant-Rich

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Julia Gilman

On top of being filled with antioxidants, matcha also contains fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins. It's a wonderful way to start the day with both caffeine as well as antioxidants and vitamins.

#SpoonTip: Check ingredient lists and talk to baristas to understand the contents of your next matcha drink. Lots of store-bought matcha mixes and restaurant-served matcha lattes contain vast amounts of added ingredients like sugar and only small amounts of actual matcha.

Coffee is Linked With Decreased Disease Risk

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Coffee consumption is correlated with decreased risk for disease, especially cardiovascular disease. Now you can think of your daily cup of coffee as part of your health routine too! 

Matcha Produces a Sense of Calm Alertness

Matcha does not cause you to feel jittery after consumption since it contains both caffeine and L-theanine, which together produce a calm sense of focus and alertness. L-theanine is an amino acid that reduces anxiety while improving mood and concentration.

Coffee Makes You Happy

Harvard concluded in a study that women who drank multiple cups of coffee per day were less likely to become depressed and instead possessed more optimistic outlooks on life. I always feel happier after draining my coffee cup each morning, and now I know why!

Both Coffee and Matcha Boost Metabolism

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Charlotte Ohana

The common denominator? Caffeine. Caffeine, responsible for boosting your energy, has also been shown to speed up metabolism, increase fat burning and suppress appetite. Caffeine is found in both matcha green tea and coffee, so no matter which you choose to enjoy, drink up!

I believe we should seek balance in life, and that's why I appreciate both sweet and savory foods, love both cats and dogs and drink both coffee and matcha green tea. On a given morning, you'll find me sipping matcha or coffee. Sometimes, I even drink both at once with a cup of matcha and an added shot of espresso. Sprinkle that with cinnamon, and you'll discover your new favorite drink!