When it comes to studying I have a couple requirements. Unlike some people, the silence of the library only makes me more stressed and studying in my room (although a dream of mine) always ends up with my book next to me and Netflix in front of me. In order to get anything done I always post up at a coffee shop for hours on end where the background noise is constant and the coffee, tea and snacks are plentiful. So it only seemed right that I help out my fellow library haters this midterm season and share my top 5 coffee shops to study at that aren't Starbucks. 

Nature's Brew

If you go to USC, Nature's Brew is a must. Every Sunday you can find me along with half of USC there for hours on end cramming for the never ending midterm season that is SC. Nature's Brew is perfect for studying because just when you want a distraction someone you know will walk in and you'll spend a couple minutes catching up. Along with the people, the food is perfect fuel for studying. They have a variety of smoothies, teas, juices, and kombucha for every mood you are in. They even have wine when desperate times call for desperate measures, I won't judge you. Nature's Brew also has the best pastries. Seriously, have you tried their gluten-free salted caramel chocolate chip cookies.. they're addicting. If you're planning to join the Sunday NB crew then make sure to get here early as it gets pretty crowded the later it gets, plus breakfast is only served until 1 PM on the weekends. 

Bricks and Scones 

Larchmont Village would not be what it is without this adorable coffee shop. Bricks and Scones is actually a large space that has great food, coffee, teas, and pastries. The large patio is perfect for studying outside if its nice out. But if it's rainy or crowded they have a lot of seating inside. The second floor is quieter and provides the ambience that you could stay here forever and never leave or even want to leave. With plenty of street parking Bricks and Scones is the place to go when you have a day to do all your reading from August that you've ignored. The best part about studying here is knowing that they will never run out of scones, which seriously must be tried. 

Groundwork Coffee 

The perfect place when you need to leave the city pace for a while is Groundwork Coffee. They have locations all over Los Angeles, I personally love the Arts District one for its chill, hipster vibes. The food is also amazing, especially breakfast so if you want to listen to the perfect coffee house mixtape, sip on a chai latte and eat whatever sounds good that day you found the place. They have plenty of seating both inside and outside and if you try to picture "small chill coffee shop" groundwork coffee will come to mind. Everyone is friendly both the baristas and your fellow coffee shop lovers. The wifi is free, and the chai is good so I'll definitely be living at this coffee shop for the foreseeable future.

Rubies + Diamonds

Sometimes Hollywood is just the answer. Located on Sunset Bulevard Rubies + Diamonds is everything you'd expect in a LA coffee shop. Every wall is insta-grammable and they somehow make the $5.00 chai latte worth every penny. I would go as far as saying it's one of the top 5 chai lattes I've had in LA. Rubies + Diamond's location is also key, it's right next to restaurants like Sugarfish and Sweetgreen so you'll never go hungry. For your next midterm study sesh at Rubies + Diamonds you'll have to try their hummus and pita because it seriously changed my life for the better. 

TOMS Flagship 

TOMS Flagship store located on the ever popular Abbott Kinney Boulevard is all you would hope it would be and more. With plenty of seating and outlets, it is the type of place you could spend hours on end and actually enjoy yourself. The "backyard" of the store is open so you can enjoy the LA fall weather, (which let's be honest is just a 5 degree colder summer) and not feel like you've been trapped inside all day. After hanging out here all day you can even treat yourself to a new pair of TOM's and pay it forward. Staring at shoes while you study can be distracting but it could also be motivation, study for a day get a new pair of shoes?? Seems legit, right?

Good luck to everyone this midterm season!