Whether a test, midterm, final, reading, or paper, as college students, our lives consist of studying and more studying.  However, it is important to eat and take snack breaks. Some foods can actually help you while you study.  Here are five snacks that will increase your brain power and make studying a little better. 


tea, sweet, cream, milk
Jason Cruz

Yogurt contains vitamins and nutrients that help relieve stress. When you can't figure out a math problem or finish that conclusion of an essay, yogurt is the perfect snack. You can even spice it up a bit by adding fruit, granola, or chocolate. There are many different brands and flavors. Take a break. Stop stressing. And have some yogurt. 

Bananas and Peanut Butter

french toast, sweet, butter, banana, bread, toast
Hannah Cooper

Who doesn’t love bananas? Who doesn’t love peanut butter? When you put bananas and peanut butter together, you get the perfect snack combination. Bananas are known as brain foods full of fiber and vitamins and peanut butter is a delicious add on. You can dip bananas in peanut butter or put in on toast. Whatever combination you decide, bananas and peanut butter will leave you feeling satisfied with more brain power.

Dark Chocolate

sweet, candy, pistachio, chocolate
Amanda Shulman

Are you craving chocolate, but hesitant to have it? I have good news for you chocolate lovers. Dark chocolate- in moderation- helps produce endorphins. Endorphins increase your mood, which will help you study and focus. Who does not love chocolate? And, now you know chocolate can actually help you study. 


hazelnut, meat, cashew, nut
Kirby Barth

Salty and sweet. Nuts give you the perfect energy boost during studying. They also have fiber and protein so you will feel full and satisfied. Nuts are perfect during endless hours at the library. You’ll feel better and do better.


blackberry, whortleberry, pasture, sweet, bilberry, berry, blueberry
Madeleine Cohen

Blueberries are not only good for you, but they also boost concentration and memory. The antioxidants in blueberries stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. They are a delicious fruit and good for your brain. What a win-win.