Summer is all about relaxing, catching up on sleep and TV, and having the time to try new things. This summer, to shock your food palate, why not try these new takes and interesting food combos?

1. Spaghetti Doughnuts

As if pasta couldn't get anybetter, Pop Pasta took spaghetti to another level by making it in doughnut form. Following its recent debut at Brooklyn's Smorgasburg, this beautiful combo of two of the most beloved foods soared and attracted even more foodies to the famous food market. Seems to me it's time to make a trip to Brooklyn and check out this new food craze. 

2. Cereal Pizza

Pizza is hands down the best food to ever grace this Earth, and now thanks to Bruno Brothers Pizza, Deli, and Bagels, we can enjoy this delicacy for breakfast. Their pizza imagination doesn't just stop at cereal pizza, it goes to cannoli pizzas and other over the top dessert pizzas you can enjoy when you make the trip to Wayne, New Jersey. 

3. Sushi Burritos

As if sushi wasn't already good enough, put it in burrito form and it becomes a thousand times better. Pokéworks started the sushi burrito revolution, and the best part is that you can make your own burrito creation or take one of the classic sushi rolls and turn it into a burrito. 

4. Shaved Cream

This new dessert, which is a Taiwanese and Korean version of shaved ice, is a new dessert that morphs shaved ice with ice cream to help you stay cool this summer. Snowdays NYC makes this dessert even more fun by offering cool flavors like blue Yetitracks, NY Cheesecake, and Green Tea Matcha. 

5. Ramen Burgers

Another beautiful food creation found at Smorgasburg, the Ramen Burger made all our dreams come true by combining two truly American foods, ramen and burgers. And while this food has been out for a while, the lines and wait time to get one of these burgers is blind to time. So, road trip to Smorgasburg? 

6. Mermaid Bagels

The Bagel Store in Brooklyn became an Internet sensation when they created the original rainbow bagel, also known as the "bagels that broke the Internet", and now they're breaking food boundaries again. Taking their creative bagel art to a new level, they have cooked up what they are calling mermaid bagels, which are their beautifully colored rainbow bagels with edible glitter and sprinkles baked into the bagels. There's no better way to start a day than with one of these fun and brightly colored bagels. 

7. Cronuts

While you make have thought cronuts were #oldnews, this food hybrid is doing better than ever. This dessert is the brain child of Chef Dominique Ansel, and first appeared in his Soho based bakery Dominique Ansel Bakery back in 2013. This new take on two common foods got so popular, that he got The Cronut® brand and product trademarked to his bakery. 

All of these fun, new takes on some of the most like foods across the country is a great way to eat our way through summer. Sounds like it's time to plan a food road trip!