Smorgasburg is constantly attracting thousands of people to both their Brooklyn and Downtown LA locations. With 100 local vendors in Williamsburg and 65 in DTLA, you are sure to have an unreal experience at either location. Many of the vendors are consistent at both locations but if you go in with a keen eye, you are sure to find a signature vendor and plate that is only loyal to that location. 

So who takes the cake — and yes, I am literally talking Raindrop Cake or Viva Los Cupcakes — the big apple or the city of angels? 

Main Dish

If you come to Smorgasburg hungry (which I would highly reccommend), then you're going to want to grab a hearty bite to eat. These two dishes, though entirely different, both are substantial enough to ward of pangs of hunger for hours and hours. 

New York: Kotti Berliner Döner Kebab 

This dish reminds us that New York City truly is the ultimate melting pot. From Turkey to Berlin to New York, the Doner Kebab will make you feel like a world traveler in just one bite. Claimed to be the most authentic kebab and gyro in all of New York, each specific ingredient works to compliment each other.  

Los Angeles: Ugly Drum Pastramiá

This meat is as delicious as Texas brisket, yet found in the center of LA. Ugly Drum Pastramiá is known to draw a long Sunday line, and if you don't have time to eat it all that day, it's still just as delicious when eaten on Monday. This smoky and salty dish will fill that nostalgic BBQ spot, longing in your LA located stomach. 


After you scarf down your main dish, it's only right that you follow up with some killer dessert. When considering which dessert to get, it's important to consider not only how it'll taste, but also how it'll look on your insta feed. 

New York: Spaghetti Doughnut

While not a dessert per se, this Spaghetti Doughnut found at Smorgasburg NY is a must. New to the game this year, this treat is sure to be on every foodies summer bucket list. The geniuses ar Pop Pasta combine spaghetti with egg and cheese, then fry it and serve it doused in red sauce, bolognese or carbona. Looks like Pop Pasta may be giving Eataly a run for their money this summer. 

Los Angeles: Sticky Rice Mango Ice Cream

Wanderlust Creamery is putting a whole new spin on traditional ice cream. If you thought that lavender ice cream was exotic, think again, because Wanderlust is churning anything from sticky rice mango to hojicha and caramelized honey. This vegan and dairy-free ice cream is the ideal sweet treat for all the fu-fu LA eaters out there.

#Spoontip: The Ube (also known as purple yams) cone is $1 more, but worth every penny to truly top off this unreal experience. 

Healthy Option

While I highly recommend letting Smorgasburg Saturday's or Sunday's be your cheat day, some people are simply crazy. Here's what you should get if you insist on sticking to your diet

New York: Tofu Satay

Bamboo bites is bringing in vegans from all 5 boroughs with their Tofu Satay. Pictured above in the aesthetically pleasing bamboo food container: sticky rice and skewered tofu doused in a savory peanut sauce. 

Los Angeles: Amazebowls

The most fitting LA speciality, in a city where the ácai bowl game is brought to a whole new level. Therefore, Amazebowls is rolling in with a hallowed out coconut, filled with blended fruits, ácai goodness and toppled with shredded coconut, fruit and homemade granola. A perfect find for the typical LA health freak, or a sweet compliment for the foodie coming from the BBQ stand. 


Whether you need cocktails or coffee, Smorgasburg has got you covered. But if you are looking for that touch of tequila, your only option is the company-run beer garden. 

 New York: John's Juice

This beverage is picture perfect with their "all juice no cups" motto. The best part? It tastes as good as it looks. Fruits are blended inside themselves to make the juice, while the shell stays intact. 

Los Angeles: Venice Cold Brew

It's safe to say I'll be cheating on Starbucks this Saturday. No underlying ingredients, just pure cold brew- beans and coffee. This passionate coffee vendor strives to serve you the most fresh and pure brew they can create. 

So...who wins?

The final answer? There is no best location. I love the Williamsburg and DTLA locations for their differences, plus half the time I can get the same meal at both locations. For once, these cities are going to have to settle with a tie. Either way my stomach is going home happy.