THIS JUST IN: The day has come when you can make a cake in the time it takes you to walk your dog, get distracted on Facebook or shop for all of the ingredients to make a cake! I present to you…Cake in a Can.


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Long gone are the days when soggy veggies and beans take over the canned food aisle. Move aside Vienna Sausages, there is a new can on the block.


Courtesy of The Food Ministry’s Facebook page

No, it’s not a joke or a prank, I promise. When you open the can rainbow confetti is not going to pop out in your face.

The Food Ministry, a UK based company, has come out with personalized cakes in a can that you can make in only 15 minutes. Literally, after opening the can and turning the oven on, all you have to do is add water and bake (in the can). Does it get easier? No bowls or plates to wash, no last minute ingredients to run out and buy (because inevitably you always forget ONE ingredient).

They have multiple flavors including chocolate, red velvet, lemon and coffee, along with varieties for every occasion, including Weddings, Easter, Valentines Day, Birthdays and Christmas (hint, hint…gifts for all of your friends)??



Courtesy of Elite Daily


Courtesy of Elite Daily

These stylin’ cans come in bright colors and designs. You in? Order them here or here.

Keep them stocked in your pantry to cater to moments like these…

-Oh crap it’s my best friend’s birthday…Cake in a Can

-I got invited to a dinner party and have NO time to make anything…Cake in a Can

-My roommate just got dumped…Cake in a Can

-Ladies, it’s that time of the month…Cake in a Can (or three)

-It’s snowing and I have not changed out of my PJs all day…Cake in a Can

Really, any occasion is suitable. Now hurry up and order some to fulfill all of your personalized cake baking dreams! And hey, wanna take it up a notch? Melt a large marshmallow on the top for an easy frosting!

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