Wanderlust Creamery is the cool new ice cream place in town, with each flavor based on a different exotic travel destination. Since I rolled up at 10pm on a Friday night, my experience began with a 30 minute wait, but as I found out, it was well worth it. 

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Tanya Soni


I am not a cone person, but when I saw them hand making waffle cones with ube, I had to get one. The cones are an extra dollar, but a vital part of the journey. 

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Tanya Soni
Tanya Soni


My date for the evening was my dad, who I dragged along because I wanted his opinion. My father is literally the definition of global citizen as he has traveled to over 80 countries. He travels for a living, so this was his area of expertise. As a man of very fine tastes, he is hard to please, yet he was pleased. His favorite part was the ube cone, and like father, like daughter, he's also not a cone person. I was very surprised when he got a cone, but the smell of the fresh cones drew him in. 

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Tanya Soni

ICE CREAM: The Flavors We Got Were 

Wanderlust Creamery's claim to fame is the "internationally inspired flavors", with flavors from Australia, Japan, Great Britain, Thailand, and more. They have 8 signatures flavors and about 8 seasonal flavors. I tried 4 flavors,each unique and delightful. 


ORIGIN: CUBA Cream cheese ice cream. Swirls of housemade guava jam + buttery flaky pastry.

I have never had a cream cheese ice cream before, and I was pleasantly surprised. All of the fun of a pastelito in ice cream form. Also, the guava jam was excellent and very flavorful. 


INSPIRED BY: ALL OVER THE GLOBE Vanilla beans from Madagascar, Tahiti, Mexico, & Indonesia- infused into a creamy mascarpone ice cream.

I have had my fair share of vanilla ice creams, and this was one of the best. A good vanilla ice cream has a clear vanilla taste without being overpowering. There were hints of different beans and an amazing creamy texture.

pictured on the left in the ube cone below


ORIGIN: THE PACFIC NORTHWEST 80% grand cru dark chocolate ice cream. Swirls of housemade vanilla bean marshmallow, roasted almonds, and alderwood smoked sea salt.

Not your typical rocky road ice cream, much more smoky and less direct nut crunch. I enjoyed the more subtle nut flavor.


INSPIRED BY: AUSTRALIA White chocolate ice cream. Swirls of raspberry + passionfruit. Shards of crunchy macadamia meringue.

I'll be honest I am not a white chocolate person, but i will give the exception to this creamy, rich white chocolate ice cream. But just when the cream became overpowering, a hint of raspberry would come through and create a perfect balance. 

pictured on the right in the traditional cone

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Tanya Soni


My experience at Wanderlust Creamery was quite nice. It is a very unique concept, and a fun place to go from time to time. I can't see it becoming my local ice cream spot because of the line and location, but it is a fun novelty ice cream place to take your adventurous friends to. That being said, I will be back because the wanderlust in me never dies.

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