Spring is always the time of  the year where your Instagram feed is flooded with pictures of trendy foods in front of colorful scenery. During the winter, you might've had to go all over the city to find these, but Smorgasburg brings all of these unique foods together.

What on Earth is "Smorgasburg"? 

In short, Smorgasburg is the meeting place of all your insta-worthy faves. On weekends during April through October, Smorgasburg is home to 100 plus food vendors from around the city. On Saturdays, you can find this utopia in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. While on Sundays, it is in Prospect Park. At Smorgasburg, you can expect to find everything from cheeseburgers with ramen noodles for buns to ice cream sandwiches the size of your face. If you still can't completely wrap your head around the idea, the New York Times called it "The Woodstock of Eating". 

#SpoonTip: for all the west coasters in the Spooniverse, visit the Smorgasburg in Downtown LA

So, Where's the New One?

If you're thinking, "Wait, isn't there already a Smorgasburg at the South Street Seaport?," you're 100% right. But, it's not a traditional smorgasburg. This particular Smorg is indoors and much smaller, which partially takes away from the experience. The new location will be at 74 Varick street in SoHo. In addition to the 100 plus vendor kiosks that will be there, there will also be space for NYC's hottest food trucks to pull up.

Unlike it's Brooklyn counterparts, SoHo Smorgasburg will be open 7 days a week from 9 am to 11 pm, specializing in lunch and happy hour during the week days. This location is set to open this August, and will stay for at least two years. 

The Brooklyn locations just opened two weeks ago, so until the SoHo location opens, be prepared to head out to Brooklyn for your fill of trendy, delectable foods. For more information on Smorgasburg, and a full list of vendors, visit the Smorgasburg website.