Smorgasburg has been described as “The Woodstock of eating.” With all of the new vendors and some old ones that have new menu items, it’s any foodie’s dream. While some people run to Smorgasburg without even knowing their options, others are a bit more skeptical. This list is for them.

1. The pizza

Photo by Laura Vogel

While on the slightly expensive side for pizza in NYC, Big Mozz is doing things the right way. Their new pizza station just debuted at this year’s Smorgasburg and completely knocked it out of the park. Right now they have two styles of their wood-fired Neopolitan pizza: margherita and pesto. I decided to try the pesto, which would set someone back $13, but if you share with some friends like I did, then it really isn’t bad. You’re definitely getting what you pay for at Big Mozz Pizza- crunchy crust, fluffy dough, flavorful sauce, and, of course, perfectly melted mozzarella.

2. Awesome vegan options

Photo by Laura Vogel

Monk’s Meats is one of many options for vegans at Smorgasburg. With options like BBQ and Jerk Seitan sandwiches, it’s easy to feel like you’re eating something meaty and substantial without the guilt. Everything Monk’s puts on a sandwich is from local businesses, so it’s perfect for the socially-conscious foodie. With toppings like maple BBQ sauce, kimchi, and grilled pineapple chutney, it’s easy to fall in love with everything Monk’s Meats has to offer. For $10 you can get a full sandwich, and for $12 you can get a salad. Once again, it might be easier to go with friends and split the cost, but just in case you want to spend less and get a smaller portion, you can get a slider for only $6. If you’ve been thinking about going vegan, this is the sandwich that’ll help you make the change.

3. The lemonade

Photo courtesy of Susy Bando

You’re going to be trying to beat the heat at Smorgasburg, so I want to highlight two lemonade spots at Smorgasburg that’ll keep you feeling cool as a cucumber: Rockville Market Farm and Island Tingz. At Rockville Market Farm, you can get their Vermont maple lemonade which has a natural sweetness that’ll make your day brighter. At Island Tingz, you can grab a Calypso lemonade. With this island-inspired upgrade, you’ll feel like you’re walking across a beach as you sip on your lemonade in the summer heat.

#SpoonTip: Try upgrading your lemonade at home this summer if you can’t make it to Smorgasburg

4. The banana pudding

Photo from Baonanas on facebook

I know you’re wondering why banana pudding of all things made the cut. Well, let me tell you a little something about one of Smorgasburg’s new vendors, Baonanas– their banana pudding, in various flavors, is fantastic. I didn’t walk into Smorgasburg in the mood for pudding of any kind. It just didn’t seem like the type of novelty I went to Smorgasburg for. That being said, Baonana’s went above and beyond expectations. I just wasn’t ready for s’mores banana pudding, layered with banana slices, fluffy, chocolate mousse, and graham crackers. If you’re looking for something sweet, this is it.

5. The novelty foods

Photo by Laura Vogel

What you’re looking at here, folks, are quail eggs on a stick, brushed with truffle and parmesan. You can find this at BrunchStreet, and it’s inspired by the typical Chinese breakfast. It’s pretty damn tasty and having the eggs on a stick is really convenient for walking through Smorgasburg (so you can put food in your other hand.) This item is served exclusively as BrunchStreet, which is why it’s such a novelty and a definite must-try for any foodie.


Photo by Laura Vogel

This right here is a ramen burger, from (you guessed it) Ramen Burger. A clear novelty item. It simply can be ordered with or without cheese. Although you can make your own, there’s nothing better than the real thing. The burger’s creator, Keizo Shimamoto, encountered “noodle burgers” while studying ramen in Japan, and brought this concept back with him. For anyone looking to try something new and exciting, look no further.

Photo by Laura Vogel

Yes, those are drink mixes made with mushrooms. Four Sigmatic, based in Finland, specializes in taking medicinal mushrooms and making them a part of your favorite drinks. Four Sigmatic boasts the superfood-like nature of mushrooms and their innovation of getting people healthy without adding more vitamin capsules to their diets. The company took what they’re calling “nature’s best kept health secret” and turning it into something for all to enjoy. Whether you like coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, Four Sigmatic has something for you.

6. The cake and cookies


Photo by Laura Vogel

This is the s’more gooey butter cake. It’s a variation on an old, St. Louis recipe that Gooey & Co brought to Smorgasburg. The bite-size cakes from Gooey & Co are extremely moist and sweet (and usually gone in only one or two bites.) While the s’more cake was a limited-time-only flavor, you can find these cakes in original, maple-carrot, banana, chocolate, and almond.

Photo by Laura Vogel

This is a Rubyzaar Baked cookie. Rubyzaar doesn’t do traditional cookies, but that’s what makes them so special. The cookie names at Rubyzaar are Kashmir, Classic Rock, The Kasbah, Ambrosia, and so on. Awesome names for awesome cookies. With ingredients like earl grey, sage, fresh mint, and crystallized ginger, these cookies are bound to make your taste buds have a brand new experience.

7. The atmosphere

Photo by Laura Vogel

There is nothing I would rather do in the heart of the city than eat, but part of this experience is enjoying it with all of the other people. If you see something interesting on someone’s plate, it isn’t rude to go up and ask what it is. It’s normal to bring a few friends and split things so that you can try food from multiple vendors. Walking through Smorgasburg is always great because you see people walking dogs in the beautiful summer weather, holding hands on their dates, trying new foods for the very first time, and sitting and relaxing at the park after filling up on all of the delicious food. Sure, walking around in the summer heat might give you some sunburn, but you can fix that and be right back at it again the next weekend.