The internet is freaking out over the latest food trend, spaghetti doughnuts, and of course we all have the food trend capital of the world to thank for this, New York City. But, WTF is a spaghetti doughnut and where did it come from?

Who created the spaghetti doughnut?

Pop Pasta, a New York-based company has taken two favorites from Italian and American cuisine, spaghetti and doughnuts, and combined them to create their signature spaghetti doughnut. Ugh, why didn't I think of this?! On their website, Pop Pasta claims that, "Pop Pasta combines a popular Neapolitan dish, the spaghetti pie (frittata di spaghetti) with an American food icon, the [doughnut]." It's magical. Seriously though, they have turned our dreams into a reality.

What flavors are there?

There's nothing sweet about Pop Pasta's doughnut. This doughnut is on the savory end of the spectrum and is loaded with gooey cheese and Italian flavor. Eggs act as a binder to keep the portable Italian meal from falling apart in your hands. On Pop Pasta's menu, you will find a variety of Italian flavors like, aglio e olio, red sauce, carbonara, bolognese, and zucchini and garlic.

Where can you find a spaghetti doughnut?

This brilliant creation from Pop Pasta is a perfect on-the-go meal. This baked, portable, savory doughnut isn't messy like other Italian favorites. On their website, Pop Pasta states that, "It is perfect for lunch or for a snack, it comes in different flavors and you can eat it at room temperature or warmed up if you wish." Pop Pasta has delivered an on-the-go meal solution to those who are craving a traditional Italian dish, but don't have time to cook one or sit down and eat one. If you're looking to personally try the spaghetti doughnut, hit up Smorgasburg, the Brooklyn food market.

 I wonder how Italy feels about America remixing a traditional dish of theirs? I ain't mad about it.