With Mother’s Day on Sunday, I wanted to spice things up this year with different cocktails and mocktails besides the iconic mimosa. I’m not saying mimosas aren’t gonna cut it, but I wanna try something more festive and something a little harder than just pouring Prosecco and orange juice in the cup. My mom (and all moms) deserves it. Here is a list of easy-to-make cocktails for Mother's Day to serve all the moms and mom-figures. It has both cocktails and mocktails, for those that don’t drink, but aren’t much more complicated than the classic mimosa.

Watermelon Mango Margarita

While margaritas are just slushies with tequila (just facts), this can be made with or without alcohol (minus the tequila). The recipe by @diycocktailguy on Instagram has a super quick recipe to make mom while you’re heading out the door to brunch.

Mango Cocktail/ Mocktail  

This cocktail from @Cocktails looks like an ombre drink you would see on Instagram (circa 2016). This one has mango vodka in it, but you can take out the vodka and do mango syrup instead.

Pineapple Strawberry Mimosa

Who doesn’t love a new take on an iconic drink! While @yellowblissroad recipe sounds super complicated, you can buy strawberry puree if you don’t want or have time to muddle them and put them into the flute.

PineBerry Refresher 

@Theenikj made a super sparkly and pretty mocktail you can add alcohol to if you prefer, or you can just stick with muddled strawberries. It has sparkling strawberry juice from Trader Joe’s, but you can substitute for a Strawberry Olipop or another prebiotic soda (or juice) if your mom prefers that.

Upside Down Pineapple Martini

@Styledbydaisies’s vanilla vodka martini looks super yummy. Make it a mocktail by adding vanilla syrup instead of using vodka. I love the cherry on the bottom instead of adding the cherry on top. 

Citrus Coconut Cocktail/Mocktail

Another @styledbydaisies drink that looks super tasty is the Citrus Coconut Cocktail/Mocktail, The bright and zesty beverage can be made booze-free by just leaving out the vodka.

Strawberry Iced Tea Mocktail

@Theenikj has another awesome mocktail that is so easy to make as a quick drink that mom can even take on the road in a to-go cup on your drive to dinner. 

Spiked Vanilla Berry Smoothie

Megan Prendergast

White wine can turn your typical morning smoothie into a bougie brunch drink. This vanilla berry recipe is classy and fun, so forget about that old sangria recipe and mix up a batch of adult smoothies for your friends.

I know as soon as I start making any of these drinks, my mom will ask me if I’m going to wash the dishes I use (the answer is yes) and totally forget that the drink is for her. She definitely loves her little festive drinks and treats (like the rest of us) so Mother’s Day is the best day to spoil her. Happy Mother’s Day! I love you mom!