I have always loved any flavored carbonated beverage, and prebiotic soda has been on my list of one to try for a while now. If you're on social media, then you've seen the brightly-colored soda alternatives, and two brands reign supreme: Olipop and Poppi. Both are TikTok-viral prebiotic soda brands that offer the typical soda taste with some additional prebiotic fiber meant to support the gut. With Olipop recently releasing a new flavor, I knew I had to try them to find the best ones.

The Banana Cream flavor, the newest release, was originally just a limited-time offer in collaboration with the movie Minions, but it was so popular, people begged for its return. Olipop graciously sent me a 12-pack of the new banana flavor, as well as variety six-pack, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts the best Olipop flavors. Let the ranking begin… 

7. Classic Grape

I'm not going to lie, I usually don’t love grape-flavored anything, so I had low expectations for this one. And not surprisingly, I didn’t love it. It tastes just like sparkling grape juice, so if you like that, you will like this. But stay away from Classic Grape if it is not a flavor you reach for.

6. Tropical Punch

Next up, I tried Tropical Punch. I thought this flavor was just alright. It didn’t have the same wow factors as the other flavors, but it was still one I liked. It tasted fruity and tropical, just like its name. I could see this flavor being perfect during the summer at a beach or pool party, but I don't think I would choose to drink this one on my own. 

5. Strawberry Vanilla

I have always loved anything with strawberries in it, so when I saw this flavor I was so excited to try it. The packaging has lots of pretty pink, red and white coloring with a strawberry and flower on it, and the name was enticing to me too. Flavor-wise, it was fruity yet creamy, and I could see myself drinking it on occasion. It might be a little too sweet for me to drink everyday, but it makes for the perfect summer tonic.

4. Vintage Cola

I am a Coca-Cola girly through and through, so I was really looking forward to trying this flavor. In all honesty, this flavor tasted really similar to the root beer flavor (which we will get to), and it didn’t have that signature cola taste to me. Rather, it had strong hints of vanilla instead of that crisp taste you usually get from Coke. If there was a bit less vanilla, I think it would be more spot on.

3. Banana Cream 

This flavor left me speechless. It was so sweet, tasting exactly like banana Laffy Taffy, and I loved it so much. Other people describ this flavor as banana cream pie in a can, and I can see that too. No wonder customers demanded for this flavor to make its return. Although it is very sweet — almost too sweet — I could see myself drinking this one more often than not. It might just be my newest obsession.

2. Classic Root Beer

This one shocked me like no other. It tastes exactly like root beer. If I gave you both in a blind tasting, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. When I tried it, I couldn’t stop drinking it. This one only has two grams of sugar per can — less than the banana cream. It tasted sweet and had the same notes as typical root beer. Add some vanilla ice cream, and you have a modified root beer float. I might try that next time I crack one open. 

1. Orange Squeeze

I have a love-hate relationship with orange-flavored drinks. Sometimes I crave them, and sometimes I hate them. My thoughts on this orange-flavored tonic though… drum roll please… I loved it! It reminded me of a mimosa which always hits the spot. This flavor truly tastes like sparkling orange juice, one of my favorite morning drinks. I could see myself drinking it in the morning...noon...and night. It is refreshing yet sweet and feels lighter than the other flavors. I loved it so much I am ready to order myself a 12-pack. 

If I were to purchase any flavors, it would definitely be Orange Squeeze, Classic Root Beer, and Strawberry Vanilla. These all were so tasty to me, and I could see myself drinking these very often. Each soda had their own unique flavor to them, which I really liked. It looks like I will be placing an order very soon, and I hope you do too.