The absolute worst is when you're dying of thirst but your sweet tooth is telling you to indulge with desserts. But that is where the root beer float comes in as the hero. A nice glass of refreshing root beer with rich vanilla ice cream -- it does not get much better than that. Whether you call it an ice cream float, a black cow, or a root beer float, it is, in my opinion, the best combo out there. But where did it come from?

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Tess Wei

There are many tall tales as to how the root beer float came about, but according to the most reliable source out there, Wikipedia claims that this is how the story goes... Many, many years ago, in 1874, a man of the name Robert McCay Green was in the the City of Brotherly Love on a particularly hot day. As he was serving soda to his costumers, he ran out of ice to put in their drinks, so he decided to put ice cream in them to make them cold. He later claims to have wanted to make his own business stand out of this and lure customers in. However, there have also been many others claiming to have made this creation, including one of Green's employees -- the drama! 

The classic root beer float has been an inspiration to others. People have spun off the original treat and have created many different and tasty versions of their own. A few of my favorites include:

The Adult Root Beer Float -- Everything but the 'root'

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Tess Wei

This delicious and refreshing beverage incorporates a quality stout beer and rich vanilla ice cream and vuala

Ice Cream Coffee Float -- Yes Please!

Just a half cup of cold coffee and a scoop of ice cream, gives you the morning start you need! 

Pork for the win!

Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! It may be hard to find, but don't pass up an opportunity to try bacon ice cream. It sounds super weird but when added with some root beer, this is life changing. 

Be Risky with... Whiskey

This boozy drink is daring but delicious. For a nice dessert after dinner, this mellows and sets the tone for the evening. 

Luck of the Irish

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Daniel Sepulveda

It does not need to be St. Patrick's Day to drink one of these. These two ingredients were gifts from up above, so the pairing of the two is truly amazing. 

The Soda with less Calories

Jocelyn Hsu

You're welcome. This combo may seem gross because it is basically just fizzy water and ice cream, but La Croix's flavors add the perfect amount of sweet.

Also, mark your calendars for August 6th, as it is national root beer float day! Treat yo self to a refreshing sweet treat.