When I think of orange juice cocktails, the first thing that comes to mind is the brunch classic, mimosas. But orange juice can be used for so much more than that. Not only is orange juice packed with vitamins, but it can also help lessen the burn of alcohol, which is obviously a plus. Most importantly, orange juice is super cheap and has a long shelf-life, making it a convenient mixer to have on hand. If you're in a mimosa rut, try one of these orange juice cocktails the next time you're out. 

1. Screwdriver

This is probably the easiest to make of all the orange juice cocktails. To make a screwdriver, all you need is a bottle of vodka and some orange juice. If you want to make it a little fancier, you can try this with fresh squeezed orange juice and top-shelf vodka. But if you're a college student, use the orange juice from your meal swipe and the vodka that comes in a plastic bottle.

2. Tequila Sunrise

As the name suggests, this is a tequila-based drink. Add orange juice and grenadine and don't stir at the end, otherwise you'll lose that sunrise ombre effect. You can also make these as popsicles for a cool treat in the summer. 

3. Tequila Sunrise Margarita

The margarita version of the Tequila Sunrise is almost the same thing as the original. Just add some margarita mix and triple sec and throw it all in the blender. This one is perfect if you're feeling lazy, but it'll still look like you put in a lot of effort. 

4. Orange Creamsicle

milk, juice, sweet, cream, yogurt
Jake Popescu

While this might just look like an orange smoothie, the Orange Creamsicle is a delicious drink that can also be turned into a shot. Choose from vanilla or whipped cream-flavored vodka to mix with triple sec, half and half, and of course, orange juice. Enjoy this adult version of your childhood favorite from the ice cream truck.

5. Sex on the Beach

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Keni Lin

I think most people have heard of this one before, but how many people actually know what a Sex on the Beach is? This fruity favorite is super easy to make. All you need is vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, cranberry juice, and a splash of lemon juice. Staying true to the name, this one is best enjoyed lounging on the beach.

6. Hurricane

cocktail, sweet, juice, ice, alcohol
Abigail Wilkins

The Hurricane is another sweet and fruity favorite. When you mix rum with passion fruit juice, orange juice, and grenadine, you honestly don't even taste the alcohol. Feel free to add some simple syrup to sweeten it up. This drink is best sipped on the streets of New Orleans for authenticity. 

7. Alabama Slammer

This southern cocktail looks quite similar to the tequila sunrise, but it's actually made with whiskey and sloe gin. Mix with amaretto and orange juice and enjoy your Alabama Slammer. Drink this at the next tailgate you attend, as this is the signature drink of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. 

8. Sangria

cocktail, ice, juice, liquor, alcohol, berry, vodka, sweet, mint
Mira Nguyen

Sangria is the perfect summer drink, and many recipes call for orange juice. Choose your wine, throw in some fruit, and add some orange juice to the mix for a tropical version of this delicious classic. Trade out your boring glass of wine at any summer dinner party for a fun new twist. 

9. Cantarito

While you may not have heard the name Cantarito before, you've probably tried some variation of this citrus blend. You'll need tequila, splashes of lemon juice, lime juice, and orange juice, and finish it off with grapefruit soda. This drink is perfect to share with a side of some tacos and guac. 

10. Belmont Breeze

The Belmont Breeze is the official drink of the Belmont Stakes horse race. This whiskey punch is made with bourbon, sherry, lemon juice, orange juice, pomegranate juice, simple syrup, and topped off with some mint. You could also switch out the bourbon for some rye if that's more your style. 

11. Peach Moon

This drink was pretty rudely named if you ask me, considering only two of the three ingredients are mentioned. The Peach Moon consists of a Blue Moon beer, peach schnapps, and our beloved orange juice. While beer cocktails might sound strange, this drink is actually quite refreshing. Obviously, if you prefer a different brand of beer than the one mentioned in this recipe, you can easily substitute it. 

12. The Bronx

The Bronx is a unique twist on the classic martini. You'll need two types of vermouth, gin, and—you guessed it—orange juice. If you'd like an even more orange-flavored drink, add some Grand Marnier (an orange-flavored liqueur) to create Satan's Whiskers. And no, I didn't make that name up.

13. Monkey Gland

Last but certainly not least is the Monkey Gland. Like many of the other orange juice cocktails on this list, you'll need gin, grenadine, and orange juice. What this drink does differently, though, is add a splash of absinthe (please be careful and don't overdo it on that splash). Add some tonic water for a little extra something to take away the flavor of the alcohol.

If you don't love the taste of alcohol—because who really does— start off with the sangria. There are so many variations and you can really make it your own. You can also substitute orange juice with any other fruit juice that you'd like. The Tequila Sunrise Margarita is also a safe place to start because frozen beverages are usually easier to drink than others. Just remember to drink responsibly as you begin to explore the world of orange juice cocktails!