The summer solstice (in the Northern hemisphere) falls at 10:57 a.m. today. This is the exact moment that the Earth’s pole is maximally tilted toward the sun. My father (a science teacher) tried to explain what that means using an apple and a lamp, but honestly it was before 8 a.m., and the whole thing was lost on me. Sorry, dad. But really, all you need to know is that today is the day when the sun will stay out the longest, from sunrise to sunset. Even though it’s currently pouring rain outside, I will be celebrating this sunny occasion all day. And since it’s the longest day of the year, I’ll need extra snacks! Here’s the best sun-themed snacks to celebrate the solstice.

1. Roasted sunflower seeds

JJ Meyer

What’s more sunny than a sunflower? They even look like the sun. And the seeds are delicious, in everything from cottage cheese to granola bars. But did you know you can literally take a sunflower, remove the seeds, and roast them yourself? Mind blown.

2. Sunny side up eggs

I think it’s scientifically impossible to be sad while eating sunny side up eggs. They’re like sunshine on a plate. Plus, they’re perfect for topping everything from avocado toast to burgers.

3. Sun tea

Sun tea is tea steeped with the power of the sun. So cool! People have actually been doing this for many years, but it recently became very trendy on TikTok. Just be careful to add any fruit or sugar or other fun stuff to the tea after it’s steeped, not before, so as to avoid bacterial growth.

4. Sun-dried tomatoes

TBH, I didn’t really eat sun-dried tomatoes until Dunkin’ put them on the menu, and now I’m obsessed. Who knew tomatoes could be so delicious and versatile? But in a tragic turn of events, Dunkin’ discontinued sun-dried tomatoes (rude). Good news, you can make sun-dried tomatoes on your own, and it’s actually super easy! And today is the best day to do it, obvs.

5. Sunny D Malibu Sunrise

I don’t know about you, but Sunny D gives me major nostalgia. Just looking at that cute little plastic bottle brings me back to simpler, sunnier times. Give the refreshing childhood beverage a bougie adult twist (and extra sun factor) with this Sunny D Malibu Sunrise.

6. Sun-melted chocolate

This viral TikTok trend involves melting a chocolate bar using the incredible solar power of the sun, and then dipping fruit in it. It’s the sweetest way to take advantage of the maximum sunlight!