Having grown up with barbecues every summer, ketchup has always been my favorite burger topping. I decided to widen my topping options after asking friends what they liked to top their burger with. The next time you're making your next burger, don't reach for the same old toppings that you have always used. The options are endless with toppings as easy as cheese, all the way to crazy things such as scrambled eggs. Here are the best burger toppings you need to try ASAP. 

1. Cheese

As you take your first bite into your burger, the first thing that gets the attention of your taste buds is the melted cheese. Although the most used cheese on a hamburger is American cheese, the choices are endless. Another popular cheese for a burger is blue cheese, which pairs perfectly with a well-done patty. No matter which cheese you choose to put on your burger, this topping is a necessity for your burger.  

2. Lettuce

lettuce, salad
Izzi Clark

The lush and refreshing flavors of lettuce truly add a balanced taste to your favorite cut of ground beef.  Whether it's shredded and spread over the top or layered in a leafy green sheet, lettuce is an important part of any burger.

3. Onion

Whether it's freshly chopped from the bulb or deep fried in batter, onions add the crunch that you desire. The onions can be put anywhere in the burger, layered or chopped. They may be large, but surely won't overpower, and are guaranteed to enhance the composition of your favorite burger. 

4. Ketchup

A classic pair that's been together since the first burger was placed on a grill, ketchup is the first thing you add after grabbing that savory burger. You can spread ketchup across your bun or use it as a dipping sauce. No matter what you choose, this smooth, zesty condiment is sure to not disappoint.

5. Bacon

Full of flavor that cannot be matched, bacon adds a certain savory crunch atop your burger. The strips of fried or baked fat absorb all good juices and give the burger a hearty and delicious taste. Although bacon is another meat, it doesn't clash with the burger like most other meats would. Instead, bacon adds a unique taste that many enjoy.  

6. Tomato

Tomato, just like lettuce, adds a refreshing taste to your beef patty. Fresh tomato is filled with such a juicy and satisfying core that when sliced, thick or thin, it adds to the substance of any burger.

7. Mustard

With options like honey, spicy, and original yellow, mustard adds a variety of flavors that are sure to please. Any juicy burger paired with a freshly toasted bun can only be made better by the tart flavor of the original yellow mustard. Honey and spicy brown mustard may not be as commonly used as yellow mustard, but both are a pleasant addition to any bun placed upon your burger.

8. Mayonnaise

The smooth and light spread of mayonnaise on a fresh bun adds a creamy and satisfying flavor to any burger. Mayonnaise can be added with many spices to create different sauces and flavors to bring out the best in any burger. If you're feeling adventurous, try making your own mayo.

9. Pickles

Dill or sweet, relish or sliced thin, pickles have a distinct taste rivaled by none. The presence of pickles on a burger cannot be masked or hidden, an though this may be an acquired taste it certainly adds to any burger.  

10. Avocado 

avocado, sandwich, bread, lettuce, meat, beef, guacamole
Parisa Soraya

Avocados on top of your burger is a trendy yet healthy topping. An avocado will give a refreshing taste to your juicy burger and add a different type of flavor. Not only can you slice one and put it on your burger, you can also turn it into guacamole for a nice, smooth spread. 

11. Egg

If you're looking to add a little breakfast to your burger, don't hesitate throwing an egg on top. The ways to cook an egg are endless, and will surprise you either way when used as a topping. With a scrambled egg, you will have a nice fluffy layer, and a fried egg can act as a sauce because of the yolk. 

I used to think I was adventurous for picking up the ketchup or mustard bottle sitting in front of myself and adding it as a topping on my burger. But now I have found 11 exciting options to make my burger better than ever and I don't plan on using my typical burger toppings anymore.