As a senior, I have perfected the art of staying academically stimulated throughout the school day, even when I've only had three hours of sleep. Truthfully, my life has revolved around waking up at 6 am, studying into the night, barely sleeping, and then waking up at 6 am again. This cycle of sleep deprivation is one that I cannot break at the moment. My coffee intake is slowly growing larger than my workload.

But luckily for you, food plays a huge role in energy levels. Here are some snacks that can help you stay awake when you're utterly sleep deprived.

1. Bananas

vegetable, banana
Jocelyn Hsu

This is a classic go-to when your brain needs some recharging. Bananas are a complex carbohydrate and contain natural sugars which head on over to the brain and then boost it with energy. Pairing this snack with other foods is easy as well; you can dip bananas in peanut butter (my personal favorite) or add in berries to make a fruit bowl. 

2. Trail Mix

raisin, cranberry, almond, nut
Tiare Brown

As a little girl, I'd only pick the M&Ms out of the trail mix. However, as my taste buds have evolved, I've learned to love and appreciate trail mix for all of its beauty. The combination of nuts, dried cranberries, chocolate, and seeds all contain high fiber which then create long lasting energy. 

3. Green Smoothie

juice, sweet, smoothie
Christin Urso

Contrary to popular belief, green smoothies can actually taste good. Combining energy-boosting greens like spinach and kale, with fruit (berries or melon) and flavor (peanut butter or honey), this snack can be one to enjoy. Green smoothies contain the amino acid L-tyrosine, which can help aid in a mental lift. And don't we all need one of those every now and then?

4. Carrots and Hummus  

carrot, vegetable
Ellie Haun

Carrots and hummus is the ultimate healthy snack. Carrots contain carbohydrates and are considered a high glycemic food, which is code for energy! Hummus contains starch, which is a complex carbohydrate that the body is able to use steadily for fuel. I love to snack on carrots and hummus before or after class and I always feel uplifted afterwards.

5. Popcorn

sweet, butter, caramel, kettle corn, salt, cereal, corn, popcorn
Kirby Barth

Yes, popcorn is no longer a guilty treat. Keep in mind, though, I'm talking about air popped popcorn, not the overly-processed movie theater popcorn. This snack is high in fiber and carbohydrates, but is low in calories. Since it is a whole-grain food, the energy provided will be long lasting. So next time you reach for a Snickers for that sugar spike, think twice and grab popcorn instead.

There is no true way to cure sleep deprivation besides sleep itself. These snacks, however, can give you the support you need when you're stuck in the daily routine of working on little to no sleep. So now get up and get snacking!