Growing up, I went to Catholic school and my family belonged to the Parish where I went to school. I always went to the fish Fridays during Lent to either eat and socialize with my friends or, as I got older, to volunteer. If you're someone who likes to cook for yourself, abstains from meat during Lenten Fridays, and needs new recipes, check out this list of Lent recipes to make for fish Fridays. 

1. Fish Tacos

Julian Pang

Fish tacos are super fresh and easy to make. Check out this recipe for easy fish tacos.

2. Shrimp in Red Pepper Cream Sauce

shrimp, sauce, garlic, penne, pasta
Spenser Protasewich

This shrimp in red pepper cream sauce looks absolutely delicious to me. I love shrimp, pasta, and creamy sauces so despite my own poor cooking ability I'm inspired to give this one a try. Plus, it's quick and easy; what more could you want?

3. Bang Bang Shrimp

chicken, meat, vegetable, pork, sauce, chicken curry, rice, beef, curry
Natsuko Mazany

I LOVE bang bang shrimp. When I'm home for breaks I often go with my mom to Bonefish Grill on Wednesdays, when the shrimp is $6. This dish can also be made at home, however. Check out this recipe to find out how to make easy bang bang shrimp.

4. Shrimp Nachos

shrimp, sauce, pasta, cheese, vegetable, seafood
Katherine Richter

Who doesn't like nachos? If you're craving them on a fish Fridays but don't want them totally meatless, give these shrimp nachos a try.

5. Brown Sugar Salmon

meat, vegetable, barbecue, chicken breast, pork, sauce, grilled salmon, steak, fillet, chicken, fish
Laura Palladino

Salmon tastes super fresh and is a great option during Lent. This brown sugar salmon recipe is especially great if you're getting tired of all the fried fish. 

6. Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is a classic British dish, but it's really popular here in America, too (what's not to love about fries and deep-fried fish?). Check out this recipe for fish and chips that you can make in under an hour. 

7. Fish Fillet Sandwich 

bread, sandwich, bun
Caroline Ingalls

Keeping with the theme of fried fish, McDonald's has a pretty good fish sandwich (I'm actually craving one now). My sister used to always get one on Lenten Fridays when we were picked up from school. If you want to make one for yourself, check out this recipe for a copycat McDonald's Filet-O-Fish.

8. Black Bean Burritos

burrito, vegetable, pea, corn, beans, cheese
Santina Renzi

Mexican food is a great option for going meatless. The black beans take the place of meat perfectly and are just as filling. Check out this black bean burrito recipe for a fish-less Friday alternative (although you can definitely throw some shrimp into these burritos if you're feeling it). 

9. Crab Cakes

risotto, crab, salmon, crab cakes
Jenna Lorin

I love crab cakes. If you want to learn how to make some great ones for yourself, check out this crab cake recipe.

10. Jackfruit Pulled Pork

Abi Scott

Just because you can't eat actual pork doesn't mean you can't get pretty close with this jackfruit "pulled pork" recipe that's totally vegan.

11. Vegetable Lasagna

Lasagna typically includes meat, and while an easy fix could be just cutting the meat and having an ultra cheesey lasagna, this vegetable lasagna recipe will probably be more satisfying.

12. Sushi

sushi, seafood, avocado, rice, salmon, wasabi, fish, shrimp, tuna, eel, nori, cucumber, ginger, crab, roll, sushi roll, California roll, Take Out
Caroline Ingalls

I've recently started enjoying more types of sushi, and I've discovered it's not too difficult to make it on your own. If you're a sushi fan and want to save some money, try your hand at this avocado cucumber sushi.

13. Veggie Pesto Pizza

Megan Prendergast

This veggie pizza recipe using packaged pizza dough is one of my favorite dinners, which probably has something to do with the variety of vegetables that are used. 

14. Penne Alla Vodka

penne alla vodka, pasta, homemade, dorm, Easy
Tess Citron

My aunt and mom make delicious pasta with vodka sauce, but I've never made it myself. This penne alla vodka recipe can be made even if you're living in a dorm room.

15. Shrimp Scampi

pasta, shrimp, vegetable
Maddie Cole

Shrimp scampi is a yummy garlic-y pasta and shrimp dish. This shrimp scampi recipe puts a twist on the classic dish by using zucchini noodles instead of regular pasta.

If you're struggling with how to avoid meat during Fridays this Lent, these 15 dishes can help you out. Even though you may get a craving for fried chicken, Lent gives you the perfect reason to try out these awesome recipes!