Matcha has been having a major moment lately. While some may think its the same as green tea, it isn't. The powder is made up of finely ground, concentrated green tea leaves and is a strong source of antioxidants. While matcha is commonly paired with milk to create a latte, there are plenty of other ways to use matcha. Ranging from sweet to savory, matcha powder can be incorporated into multiple different recipes to give a bit of a health (and flavor) boost to your day.

1. Matcha Pancake

pancake, cake, sweet, bread
Rebecca Fu

Adding matcha to a simple buttermilk pancake recipe elevates this fluffy breakfast staple into a unique, flavorful, (slightly) healthier version everyone can enjoy.

2. White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vernell Dunams

Chocolate chip cookies are definitely a classic cookie with a big place in my heart (and stomach) but even the classics can get a makeover.

3. Matcha Mango Smoothie

Jody Brimacombe

On a hot day when a matcha latte just won’t do, try switching it up and adding the antioxidant powder to a fruity smoothie for an extra boost. This morning pick-me-up has a boost of caffeine that you can’t get from just an ordinary cup of coffee. Pairing sweet mango with the slightly bitter taste of matcha creates a delicious way to start your day.

4. Matcha Pie

Leah Valenti

Move over basic pies, theres a new dog in town. Often times when I eat pie, it tends to be a heavier dessert. But with this recipe, you are left with the refreshing, earthy taste of green tea.

5. Matcha Banana Ice Cream

Elise Fegler

If you’re a sucker for ice cream (just like me) but have been looking for a more health conscious substitute without taking away the indulgence of a good bowl of ice creamy goodness, then banana ‘ice cream’ is the perfect thing to try out. With only 3 ingredients it is a super simple recipe that anyone can make.

6. Copycat Matcha Kit Kats

Hui Lin

Another sweet tooth icon is the Kit Kat. A candy we've all eaten since childhood (with some debate on how to bite into them, but thats for another article). In Japan the green tea kit kat has become increasingly popular, but they don't come cheap. So Spoon devised a way to have your candy and eat it too

7. Matcha Mochi Cupcake

cookie, sweet, tea, chocolate, matcha
Gabby Phi

For those who love going out for sushi, you know about the traditional dessert mochi (a sticky rice flour dessert often filled with ice cream). Pairing this perfectly chewy treat with a subtly sweet cupcake makes for an amazing dessert.

8. Matcha Coconut Macaroons

Demitria Castanon

During the Jewish holiday Passover, one of the only desserts I was able to eat were coconut macaroons. After having the same flavors over and over it got a bit boring. Just by adding in a few tablespoons of matcha powder, the flavor completely transforms from ordinary to extraordinary.

9. Chocolate Chip Matcha Mug Cake

Pippa Leigh

Perfect for college dorm baking, a mug cake is an amazing solution to get a delicious cake with limited kitchenware. All you need for this recipe is a mug and a microwave.

10. Coconut Matcha Pops

ice, ice cream, popsicle, cream
Jen Baron

With summer quickly approaching, refreshing popsicles will definitely come in handy. As someone who grew up making popsicles in my kitchen with my mom over the summer, this recipe brings back a strong sense of nostalgia for me. Coconut and green tea are a match made in heaven for a hot summer day.

These different ways to use matcha will definitely have you venturing beyond just your typical latte. With so many health benefits, matcha is the perfect way to add a boost to your favorite foods.