As someone who's grown up on an island all her life, I've found myself seeking warmth wherever possible in this cold weather. I've also found myself believing that warmth is best found in the form of food.  Here are the best places in Davis for every night that calls for fuzzy socks and and warm blanket: 

1. Pho King 4

Just thirty steps from campus (right on 3rd and A) is my go-to place for noodle soup. The broth is both light and flavorful, and for those who aren't fans of soup, there are several other rice and bowl options that are bound to keep you full without being overly stuffed. Both its classy name and its ability to soothe cold throats make this an Aggie favorite. 

2. Black Bear Diner

While Davis weather doesn't necessarily merit log cabins, this diner will welcome you with pancakes and pillow mints. It is especially comforting to know that not too far is a place where pancakes will be served all day. For a heartier meal that isn't breakfast, biscuits and burgers are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. 

3. Ramen Hook 

While cup noodles is a college classic, it won't ever compare to the giant bowl of slow-simmered pork broth that will trick you into believing that everything in this world is right. The best part about this food stop is that it's right at the U-Mall, leaving you no time-constraint excuses not to enjoy their miso ramen. 

4. Burgers and Brew

This goes both ways. The craft beers should be enough to keep those 21 and over warm and at ease, while the burgers are the real stars. Burgers and Brew is unique in that they pay close attention to every menu item, so whenever you are craving a good burger and fries, trade in the typical In-N-Out run for something more hearty and flavorful. Personally I recommend the Chorizo Burger or the Lamb Burger, and I assure you that your hungry, cold self will not be disappointed. 

5. Blaze Pizza 

When it comes to comfort food, I enjoy being able to make it my own, and Blaze lets you do just that. The scent of fresh pizza dough, seven different kinds of cheeses and a hot, wood fire oven is sure to bring warmth to all souls. Getting exactly what you want is exactly what you need in this weather, and you could pick up a s'more while you're at it too.