It's scientifically proven that cheese can be as addictive as hard drugs (not even lying). So spice up this addiction this year while you can with the best cheeses around so you are not spending 2017 lost and aimlessly wandering around in the cheese aisle of the store. Sounds like a priority to me!

Not all cheese is made the same. Now is your time to figure out what cheese tickles your fancy. Hey, maybe you love them all and are now craving cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner—I'm not judging. Either way, any one of these categories of cheese's are a must on your cheese platter. 

1. Classic Cheese

cheese, dairy, dairy product, milk, cheddar
Erin Haydon

Don't get that sliced nonsense, grab some decent aged cheddar in block form. People get uncomfortable without cheddar, so give the people what they want and hand them some cheddar. It's the classic cheese that everyone knows and no one is going to reject it and act like it doesn't taste phenomenal. It is truly the one thing you can't mess up on... I hope. 

2. Spreadable Cheese

dairy product, milk, cheese, dairy, butter, brie
Erin Haydon

This actually looks identical to Brie, but this cheese is called Mont d'Or. It's made with raw milk. This cheese is oh so fancily made for only the first three months of the year so you better grab it while you can. The taste is rather sharp—like Posh from Spice Girls but in Brie version. That should put things into perspective for you. This cheese would be perfect to spread over some slices of a French baguette, keeping the fancy theme going, or any cracker of your choice.

4. Crumbly Cheese

dairy, cheese, dairy product, milk, cheddar, butter
Erin Haydon

This cheese is an extra crumbly cheese but is still solid. It has a pretty strong taste that will make you either love it or dislike it. Personally, I wouldn't marry this cheese but I would definitely eye it up in a crowded bar.

I like the crumbly aspect of this cheese because it has this ability to almost melt on your tongue which adds to the texture of it. Add this cheese to some bread and jam and you have yourself a crumble-tastic combination!  

5. Blue Cheese 

cheese, milk, dairy product, cheddar, dairy
Erin Haydon

Most people just don't like blue cheese on principal, it has a certain stereotype that it is smelly and just gross, which it is. But taste-wise, a soft blue cheese like this will kick start your like for blue cheese. It's super mild and is soft on the tongue and has a full taste of the fungus.

Okay, so maybe to redeem myself from the fungus statement I should tell you that it melts on your tongue and has an overwhelmingly bitter yet sweet taste. That made it better, right? To make it better I promise if you add some spicy lime and chili jam, you have yourself a combo. 

6. Rock Hard Cheese

cheese, milk, dairy product, dairy
Erin Haydon

This cheese is called Tres Leges and it is a whirlwind mixture of cow milk, goat milk, and sheep milk. A pretty unknown fact: Tres means three in Spanish, so this cheese is actually Spanish. 

It's an enhanced cheddar taste and it is called a rock hard cheese based on the texture but the taste itself is not hard. Think of it as the tough guy you see in your Calc class who secretly has a soft interior. 

7. Soft Cheese

cheese, milk, dairy, dairy product, cheddar
Erin Haydon

This cheese is soft, but not too soft. Another Brie look-a-like but because we are spicing things up it is a Port Salut which has a little bit of a silkier taste. This cheese is matured and you can tell by its orange tone skin. So one could call it the MILF of soft cheeses

It's a relatively mild taste which means it would be incredibly nice to spread on bread or your choice of a biscuit.