There honestly is nothing possibly bad that can be said about melted cheese. To prove this point, check out these unbelievably gooey, delicious, and borderline addictive melted cheese recipes.

1. Cheesy Shrimp Nachos

melted cheese

Photo by Katherine Richter

Just look at that ooey, beautiful goodness. These nachos can be a big game-time snack, or even a low-key and casual dinner.

2. Cheese-Encrusted Grilled Cheese

melted cheese

Photo by Kylie Kinter

I mean, did you really think there wouldn’t be a grilled cheese on here? The cheesier the grilled cheese, the better, and this one is definitely cheesy.

3. Caprese Grilled Cheese


melted cheese

Photo by Abigail Wilkins

…And another. Get a little creative, and add in the flavors of Italy to elevate your ordinary sandwich.

4. French Melted Cheese and Bacon Dish

melted cheese

Photo by Kristine Mahan

Yeah, this dish will definitely answer your prayers. This dish is perfect for a comfy night in where you can curl up on the couch in a food coma.

5. Cheesy Sweet Potato Wedges

melted cheese

Photo by Lauren D’Amore

The sweet potatoes make it (kind of) okay to cover it in melted cheese. Or try changing it up and making sweet potato chips with some cheese on top.

6. Hot, Melty, Cheesy Artichoke Dip

melted cheese

Photo by Maddie Wilmes

Spinach + artichoke + cheese = bliss. This decadent snack is a great way to trick your picky friends into eating and enjoying spinach.

7. Ooey Gooey Melted Brie with Pesto

melted cheese

Photo by Kai Huang

What could possibly be better than this classy appetizer? Impress your friends and family with this delicious and rich wheel of brie.