There's nothing like starting off the weekend at your favorite brunch place. It's comforting to get together with your fam or your girlfriends to just unwind and enjoy the time spent together. Everyone has their go to brunch meal, whether that be an omelette, pancakes or a breakfast burrito. Since brunch is so popular, it can often be hard to pick where to go.On UD's campus, there certainly is no shortage of restaurants, so when you need a place to brunch on Main Street, we've got you covered

1. Caffe Gelato

If you want to treat yourself to a bangin' brunch, I highly recommend Caffe Gelato. It's definitely one of the fancier options on Main Street, so you may want to go with your family or that special someone. They have a variety of options that are all delicious. If you have a sweet tooth, you should try the stuffed French toast or the berry and ricotta crepes. For a more savory option, go with an omelette or one of the panini.

#SpoonTip: If you go on Sunday in UD apparel, get 50% off

2. Home Grown Cafe

Home Grown is infamous for their nachos, so do that as a pregame to the actual brunch. For the main meal, french toast is always a great option. The french toast is topped with pecan butter, which gives each bite a rich taste. If you're feeling something savory and a bit spicy, you can't go wrong with the breakfast burrito and a side of home fries to complete the meal. If you're twenty-one, they have a build-your-own mimosa bar decked out with a variety of fruit purees and juices. Better yet, refills are included.

3. Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen

Grain has a multitude of creative brunch options that could get even the pickiest of eaters wanting to make brunch a weekly thing. Your inner child will love the Captain Crunch French toast and the waffles are crisp, yet perfectly soft on the inside and served with Nutella. Grain also has classic breakfast foods like bacon, eggs and toast. If you're looking for something healthy,  try the açaí bowl, which is topped with fresh fruit and oats.

4. The Perfect Blend

The Perfect Blend is a recent addition to Main Street, and if you love coffee and waffles, you have to check it out. They serve Liege waffles, which have vanilla and sugar pearls, giving them a mild flavor and a sweet crust. You can eat them plain, or jazz them up with a variety of toppings. Choose from more conventional ingredients like fruit and whipped cream, or get a little crazy and make a savory waffle with forest ham and provolone cheese.  

5. Newark Deli and Bagels

NDB is a Sunday morning staple for UD students. It's the perfect pick me up after a crazy weekend to make you feel back to your normal, sober self. It's also a cheaper option without skimping on flavor. The bagel sandwiches are extremely popular, especially with a hash brown in the mix. Sometimes they'll even make batches of colored bagels, like green for St. Patty's Day and rainbow, and you bet that will give you extra likes on your Insta post.