For all of you who believe that the best meal of the day is in between two "real" meals (myself included), this festival is for you. On March 26, in- of course- Brooklyn, BrunchCon is happening from the perfect brunch time of 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Until February 15, tickets are $55 for general admission and $90 for VIP. After that date the tickets will become $60 and $95. This festival celebrating everyone's favorite time of day will offer 50 vendors and other brunch-themed events for the guests. Below are some of the festivities that will be included in BrunchCon. 

1. Food

These are wowfulls. You may recognize this treat as one of the many 'grammed foods from Smorgasburg, which is a trendy Brooklyn foodie market. This delicious concoction is made up of a Hong Kong egg waffle, which is then filled to the brim with colorful ice cream and photogenic toppings. Although ice cream is a big part of this dish, I think the waffles qualify it to be part of this Brunch festival. Other restaurants that will be at the festival include Manousheh, House of Mac, and Brooklyn Baked & Fried

2. Activities

Not only will there be amazing food at this event, there will be plenty of fun activities as well. There will be an open mimosa bar, a hangover lounge (obviously this is just meant to be a place to drink your mimosas), and speed dating. As if there wasn't already enough reason to drink mimosas. 

3. Shop

BrunchCon will have a section completely devoted to brunch-themed apparel and goods. This includes clothing with unlimited brunch puns and "a gold plated flask that fits an entire bottle of champagne." BrunchCon will be selling the perfect items for when you're making brunch at your own home or for when you go out on a Sunday with friends.

This brunch-themed festival is a perfect time to meet other brunch lovers or just to have a good time with your friends and some really stellar food.