Social media has very recently become a place where people enjoy sharing photos of their meals, and it has been very beneficial for restaurants in getting free press. Some of the food trends that have gained popularity through social media are photogenic avocado toast, overly gooey mac n' cheese, extravagant milk shakes, and the newest one: uniquely colored ice cream.

Now I'm not talking about green mint chip or blue cotton candy ice cream, but ice cream with colors such as black and purple. Here's a list of some of the best and brightest ice creams available. 

1. Soft Swerve's Ube Ice Cream 

This soft serve ice cream has been brightly adding to my Instagram feed for a while now. Ube is a purple yam and makes for a beautiful and delicious ice cream. Soft swerve also has matcha and black sesame ice creams, and they offer both black chocolate cones and red cinnamon cones. Both these cones contribute to the color of the ice cream standing out. 

2. Morgenstern's Black Coconut Ash Ice Cream 

Maybe this is just me, but something about black ice cream is very intriguing. This uniquely colored ice cream is not only great for likes on social media, but is also delicious. This ice cream may turn your mouth black, but it will be worth it. 

#SpoonTip: Check out how to make your own black ice cream if you can't make it to Morgenstern's.  

3. After's Thai Tea Ice Cream 

Thai tea one of many deliciously photogenic ice cream's that After's offers. Unfortunately this flavor is only available at the store in Irvine, but After's has lots of great flavors at all of their locations. Some of their other unique flavors include jasmine milk tea and Vietnamese coffee.

4. Original Rainbow Cone's Rainbow Cone 

While this ice cream isn't technically one uniquely colored ice cream, I would say that this ice cream is certainly unique. Sold seasonally at Original Rainbow Cone, this is obviously their specialty. The first flavor is chocolate, strawberry, then New York vanilla with cherries and walnuts, (also known as palmer house) after that pistachio, and finally orange sherbet. 

5. Chinatown Ice Cream Factory's Don Tot Ice Cream

Chinatown's Ice Cream Factory specializes in Asian-inspired flavors such as red bean and durian (which is an Asian fruit). Don Tot is a Chinese egg custard ice cream, which is as an uniquely colored yellow as it is a unique flavor. Their flavors are not only delicious, but are also appealing to the eye, (and the camera) making them a great addition to your social media feed. 

If we're being honest, all ice cream is great—all the time. But it is true that the eye eats first, and it is sometimes more exciting to eat things that are fun colors, if I'm being honest.