Admit it—eating cotton candy still gives you that same sugar-high induced, giddy feeling that you experienced as a kid. Not only does it taste amazing, but it's always so pretty. We all know that one person who is so obsessed with this fluffy, sugary treat. Here is a list of my favorite gift ideas for that person, or yourself because how could you not fall in love?

1. Cotton Candy Machine

What better gift for someone who loves cotton candy than a machine where they can make it every day. Don't forget to get the sugar and sticks as well so they can enjoy it right away. 

2. Cotton Candy Subscription

Get 3 different flavors of fresh cotton candy sent to your house or dorm each month? Yes please! At $15 a month, this is a great deal. 

3. Earrings

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These earrings definitely make a statement. Nothing screams "I love cotton candy" like these adorable gems that look exactly like the real thing.

4. Perfume

If you love sweet smells and can handle random people sniffing you and saying "you smell like candy", then the Pink Sugar perfume is for you. With notes of cotton candy, strawberry and vanilla, you may just have some people trying to lick you. 

5. Lip Balm

If cotton candy flavored Lip Smackers doesn't remind you of your childhood, then I don't know what does. 

6. Tree Ornament

I love getting a new ornament for my Christmas tree every year. This little cotton candy machine ornament is just too adorable to pass up.

7. Phone Cases

These beautiful cases are a little more subtle by not having actual pictures of cotton candy all over them, but rather both are the colors of your typical cotton candy. 

8. Bath Bomb

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Again, don't be surprised if someone comes up to you and just sniffs you. Mixing relaxation and cotton candy? Let me know when you find a better duo.

9. Soap

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Sticking with the bath theme here, these cotton candy soap popsicles are great for someone who doesn't necessarily have the time to take a bath, but still wants to smell like cotton candy.

10. Pin

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Put it on your backpack or put it on your shirt. Pins are so cute and versatile so you could literally put this anywhere

11. Painting Print

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I can picture it now: this beautiful print hanging next to my desk in my dorm room. Looking at this will push me to study hard for the sole reason of buying all the cotton candy I can imagine. It's the perfect accent to any room. 

There you have it: a list of gifts approved by a fellow cotton candy lover. Buy these for a friend and you're guaranteed to be their bestie for life. Buy these for yourself and be completely swagged out while enjoying a delicious sweet fluffy treat.

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