It's safe to say that most ladies of all ages love a good ol' brunch. (Seriously, have a shot every time you see something about brunch in a girl's Instagram bio and see how drunk you get.) But what is it about that time between breakfast and lunch that draws such an allure to some girls?

Well, I have a few theories based off my own brunchin' experiences. And believe it or not, its not just about the food. 

First things first, the time. Brunch is conveniently not too early in the morning and not too late in the day. There is no pressure, no rush. Just casually getting up to go get your first meal of the day around 11 or 1, who cares? Because of the gracious time that brunch allows, it really is best meal for those rough mornings after for girls (and boys). No better cure to your hangover than mimosas and bennies.

Speaking of mimosas, brunch is an excuse to keep the party going. For whatever reason, it is socially acceptable to drink excessively before 12 pm if the drink contains (some) orange juice and champagne. And if you're not into the bubbly that early in the morning there's always the spicy bloody mary that will kick start your day. Regardless, brunch is for the buzzzzz.

On to my personal favorite thing about brunch; attire. Most girls I know who have planned brunch dates with their friends are not just showing up in yoga pants. The clothes are more along the lines of the ones that sit in the closet that you bought because you were "going to start dressing up for class this year." Here is your chance to wear your trendy daytime clothes and snap a picture that looks like you have your life together. 

With that being said, brunch is extremely picture worthy. Besides everyone rocking their daytime make-up and outfits, the food is very photogenic. Everyone loves a picture of a slightly upscale traditional breakfast item. You're bound to rack up the likes on a bomb pancake or breakfast cocktail. And don't forget #yolkporn.

#SpoonTip: the lighting is exceptional in the mid morning/early afternoon for a pic with GFs.

Another reason to love brunch is the fact that its usually a guy-free zone. Cause let's be honest, "girl's night" at the bar doesn't usually end up being just the girls. One friend goes home crying cause her bf is fighting with her, one is low key trying to meet up with her ex, and the other two are taking care of each other head over a toilet in a bathroom stall. Not your ideal girl's night. Plus, at brunch there isn't some lurky bar creep trying to steal a sip out of your drink to hit on you (true story). Brunch is a reason to laugh, gossip, and actually bond with your friends without any boys to worry about. 

Not all ladies love brunch.

Now, don't get me wrong I know brunch might not be everyone's cup of tea, I get it (not really). Some ladies may feel like its still too early for them or maybe aren't interested in the food offered. That's fine. There's always ice cream dates, wine nights, shopping trips and movie marathons to get together with your girlfriends. And it must be mentioned that boys can be brunch lovers too and once in a when they've been invited to intrude on brunch dates.