What better way to celebrate the holidays than to combine our two favorite things—highly caloric desserts and alcohol. These holiday dessert shots are guaranteed to help get you through a rough Christmas dinner, featuring questions from your Aunt Martha about your grades, your future and your romantic endeavors, without wanting to throw yourself through a window. Enjoy!

1. Pumpkin Pie Jello Shot


Photo courtesy of www.thatssomichelle.com

Feeling nostalgic about Turkey Day? Have no fear, the alcoholic version of everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving dessert is here.

2. Candy Cane Martini Jello Shot


Photo Courtesy of Tablespoon.com

This one is a slightly messier but much more fun version of everyone’s favorite stocking stuffer. Go for it.

3. Red Velvet Shot


Photo Courtesy of CakeMerchant

Don’t pretend you clicked on this article for any reason other than this particular shot. Well, go ahead. Treat yo’self.

4. Gingerbread Shot


Photo by greenladiesbcn.com

Why should Starbucks lattes get all the gingerbread action? We loved him in Shrek, but the Gingerbread Man is even better when he’s getting us wasted.

5. Cheesecake Shot


Photo courtesy of stopandsmellthechocolates.com

Something tells me this shot is even less caloric than its dessert inspiration. There you go–the perfect excuse to drink up.

6. Carrot Cake Shot


Photo by fndc.com

If carrots are vegetables, and vodka comes from barley…this shot is basically a salad. This one is for my organic peeps out there.

7. Spiced “Cake Batter” Shot


Photo courtesy of Tablespoon.com

This shot recipe combines all our favorite things–cake batter, vodka, and the perfect chance to Instagram. Doooo it.