Sometimes girls just need some time to hang out together, no boys allowed. And everybody knows that the best way to spend time is with dessert. Check out these recipes that are quick and easy so that you can get back to hanging with your girls.

1. No-Bake Oreo Cake Balls


Photo by Elena Besser

A little bit of cream cheese, a little bit of white chocolate chips, and a lot of Oreos is all it takes to make these decadent treats.

2. Nutella Mug Cake


Photo by Meredith Marcus

I get it. Sometimes you don’t want to have to share your dessert. This recipe only takes four minutes, so it’s super easy for everyone to make their own.

3. Red Wine Chocolate Cupcakes


Photo by Caty Schnack

Does anything say girl’s night in quite like wine and chocolate? Get the recipe here.

4. Chocolate Chips Cookie Dough Sandwich Cookies


Photo by Hunter Siegrist

Is there anything better than cookie dough? The answer is yes: cookie dough in between Chips Ahoy cookies.

5. Peanut Butter Fudge


Photo by Caitlin Shoemaker

Delicious and sweet, this fudge is just five ingredients. The best part is that it’s the perfect dessert to share.

6. Blueberry Chocolate Chip Cookies


Photo by Alyssa Loebig

Hey, blueberries are healthy. You can totally call this a healthy dessert.

7. Grilled Banana Peanut Butter Nutella Sandwiches


Photo by Delissa Handoko

All it takes is 6 minutes to make one of these sweet and savory treats. Have each of your girls toss a banana on the grill for just two minutes, then assemble your sandwich, and, voila, you’re done!

8. Ice Cream and Baileys


Photo by Jessica Payne

This boozy dessert is just two ingredients and the best part is that it’s so easy for your girls to each make theirs the way they want.

9. Cinnamon Brown Sugar Bread Pudding


Photo by Alison Malley

So sweet and so comforting, this bread pudding make all your girls feel right at home.

10. Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles


Photo by Emily Hu

Two of the best foods in the world, dark chocolate and avocados, married together in this luscious truffle.

11. Edible Cookie Dough


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Because sometimes the best dessert is just a tub of cookie dough shared between friends.

12. Chai Tea Cupcakes


Photo by Christina Kalpoko

For something a little less sweet but much more unique and delicious than your run-of-the-mill cupcakes.