There are so many beautiful Insta-worthy restaurants in downtown Chicago that serve weekend brunch. But if I had to pick one to visit every time, I would choose Siena Tavern.

Located on 51 W Kinzie St., Siena Tavern serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. I always make a reservation because there is usually a wait if you don't, but you will probably still get seated without one. 

There is an extensive weekend menu available, with sections divided by savory and sweet brunch food, combined with the regular lunch menu that is served every day. 

Here's a list of top picks from a few of these sections.

Savory: Avocado Toast

bread, english muffin, sandwich, avocado, fried egg, toast, bacon, egg
Jamie Hwang

Siena Tavern serves one of the fanciest avocado toast I've seen in Chicago. These avocado toasts are made with heirloom tomato, crispy prosciutto, watermelon radish, smoked paprika and poached egg. The poached egg is perfect every time. 

Price: $14

Sweet: Monkeybread

Jamie Hwang

I didn't know what Monkeybread was until my first visit to Siena Tavern for brunch. It's a good option if you're looking for a more dessert-like dish because - level of sweetness is definitely high, but in the best way possible. It's made with hazelnut cream, caramel and candied hazelnuts. 

Price: $14

House-made Pasta: Gnocchi

I get the gnocchi every time I go to Siena Tavern, and you really should too because it's be worth every dollar. It's made with truffle cream, fried sage and crispy pancetta.

Price: $19

Pizza Bar: Breakfast Pizza

One of Siena Tavern's new additions to the menu, the Breakfast Pizza is made with fireball pepperoni, house cured pancetta bacon, braised cipollini onion, mozzarella, roasted garlic cream and baked egg. I think the picture speaks for itself. 

Price: $19

Cocktail: Bloody Mary

Siena Tavern has a wide selection of drinks in general, but my personal favorite for brunch was the Bloody Mary, the classic choice. Getting a little buzzed during brunch could spice up the conversations between you and your friends. 

Price: $12

Siena Tavern can definitely be pricey for those of us on a college budget, but if you need a reason (excuse) to treat yourself or to be adventurous with friends, Siena Tavern is the place.