There are three things I take very seriously: my education, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and brunch. From living in big cities my whole life, I have had my fair share of great brunches. But there’s something really special about Chicago’s brunch scene. Chicago is so diverse, and so is their brunch. So if you’re in the city for a weekend, or you call this place home, these are some spots you can’t miss.


Photo by Francesca Pedersen

1. Clarke’s Biograph Diner


Photo courtesy of @hertastylife on Instagram

If you’re looking for a brunch place with a swingin’ ’60s diner vibe, Clarke’s if the place to go. Located in Lincoln Park, this All-American diner has an extensive selection of eggs, pancakes, sandwiches, and burgers to satisfy your Sunday cravings. They also serve breakfast all day for when you’re getting bored of late night hash browns from McDonalds.

2. Fat Rice


Photo by Cody Corrall

Fat Rice specializes in Asian comfort food and introduces the dim sum world to the brunch world. With dishes like curry vegetable samosa, minchi hash, and Hong Kong style french toast, this place will make a wonderful palette cleanser in your brunch cycle.

3. Sunny Side Up and Coffee Shoppe


Photo courtesy of @doveschicago on Instagram

Sunny Side Up is a charming cafe located in near Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. They have a range of dishes from eggs Benedict to breakfast burritos. If you’re craving more lunch in your brunch, they also have a wide selection of sandwiches, soups, and salads. This place is perfect in the fall because their seasonal menu is ridiculous. Sriracha pancakes and chicken? Sign me up.

4. Dove’s Luncheonette


Photo courtesy of @thebongoroom on Instagram

If you’re craving Tex-Mex, Dove’s has your back. This Wicker Park diner plays ’60s and ’70s soul music and serves Southern-inspired Mexican delicacies all day long. Start your morning off right by trading in your old mimosa for one of their fifteen selections of tequila.

5. The Bongo Room


Photo courtesy of @sohyummy on Instagram

The Bongo Room is here for your food blogger needs, because their selection of pancakes are almost too pretty to eat. While a lot has changed since their start in 1993, some of their original menu items (like the vegetarian croissant sandwich), are as popular and delicious as they were over twenty years ago.