1. The time

Photo courtesy of Alteril Info

Brunch is at the best time possible. By 10 am, the sun is up and shining, you (probably) aren’t feeling exhausted and, best of all, you don’t have to wait to eat. Just jump out of bed (or not — breakfast in bed, anyone?) and chow down. Also, people usually eat brunch on the weekend (read: no classes). What’s not to love about that?

2. Coffee

Decoding Coffee Jargon

Photo by Gabby Phi

Coffee lovers, rejoice. Brunch is the ultimate excuse to indulge in a quality cup of coffee with all the add-ins your heart desires. Whether that be a latte, macchiato, or mocha, it’s bound to be better than your average dining hall coffee.

3. Boozy drinks (for those over 21)

Photo by Kai Huang

Photo by Kai Huang

Party in the daytime, anybody? From mimosas to Bloody Marys, the selection is endless. Getting a little buzzed in the AM is bound to create some great brunch conversation between your friends and you. Let’s toast to that!

Click here for some creative and delicious drink ideas.

4. Sweet and savory options…or both

Photo by Amanda Shulman

Photo by Amanda Shulman

Craving something sweet, savory, or both? Brunch satisfies your sweet tooth with pancakes, waffles and French toast, while eggs, bacon and potatoes satisfy your savory side.

5. You can eat a ton and not feel guilty

Photo by Alison Weissbrot

Photo by Alison Weissbrot

Brunch = breakfast + lunch. With two meals in one, you have a great excuse to fill your tummy with double the amount of food you normally eat, especially keeping in mind that you probably won’t eat again until dinner (or, if you’re like me, an hour or two).

6. It’s hard to mess up

Photo by Kai Huang

With a few tips and tricks, anyone can make good pancakes or a side of scrambled eggs. Heck, even making toast in the toaster counts as making part of brunch. Rarely will you go to a restaurant for brunch and not leave satisfied.

7. It usually involves a social gathering

Photo courtesy of Namaste Or Should I Go?

Brunch is a great excuse for friends to get together. With a whole week of classes behind and ahead of you, some time with friends is necessary to unwind (see #3) and catch up in each others’ lives. Of course, there’s no better way to do that than over some good, hearty brunch food.