As hard as it is to believe, there was once a time where eating cookie dough was highly frowned upon, thanks to a few of its raw ingredients. But ever since edible cookie dough rose to fame, people have had the luxury of eating cookie dough guilt-free. (Not to mention that it tastes amazing.) 

Better yet, you can get edible cookie dough almost anywhere now, and more than likely, there are whole shops dedicated to it in your state. Still, you have to know which places have the best edible cookie dough, right? Lucky for you, you doughn't have to look any further than this article. 

Alabama: Cookie Destiny

This shop knows edible cookie dough was destined to become the U.S.'s newest fave dessert. Alongside its cookies, Cookie Destiny serves five flavors of cookie dough. Feeling a little adventurous? You can even order their dough in a sundae or between two cookies.

Alaska: Kastle's Kreations

Fun fact: The maker of Alaska's best edible cookie dough won Cupcake Wars Season 9! So not only does she make some mean cookie dough, but she makes some pretty mean cupcakes as well.

Arizona: Dough Licious Desserts

Surely, the cookie dough sundae trend has made the rounds in the U.S., including this Arizona food truck. Dough Licious Desserts creates cookie dough sundaes à la Eggloo in NYC—edible cookie dough served in an egg waffle.

Arkansas: The Dough Stop

You can't go wrong with classic cookie dough flavors. Go to The Dough Stop if you're craving good ol' chocolate chip dough.  

California: California Cookie Dough

Of course Cali would take the unicorn food trend and apply it to cookie dough. You can find this whimsical dough (and other colorful dough creations) at California Cookie Dough in Orange County.

Colorado: I Love Crazy Dough

Cookie dough is more fun to eat when it's bite-sized, right? I Love Crazy Dough serves its dough rolled into balls and in a cup. (No spoons required.) 

Connecticut: Doughluv

At DoughLuv, there's certainly enough edible cookie dough (and luv!) to go around. The shop serves both classic and seasonal dough flavors, plus you can top yours with any of its 60 toppings.

Delaware: The Suburban Farmhouse

Photo courtesy of The Suburban Farmhouse

This coffee shop only recently started selling cookie dough, but that doesn't mean it hasn't already gained a following. If you're ever by The Suburban Farmhouse, try its cookie dough paired with one of its cold brews. 

Florida: Dough Nation

No doubt, this cookie dough shop makes some pretty bomb dough and has a sweet, pastel-pink aesthetic. But even sweeter is that it donates all its proceeds to Metropolitan Ministries, a local organization that raises money to help the homeless.

Georgia: The Dough Jo

No, not a dojo. While you may not be doing any martial arts kicks at this cookie dough shop, you will definitely find a lot of kick-ass desserts, including Dough Tacos and the Dough Ni-Ni, a cinnamon bun filled with cookie dough and ice cream.

Hawaii: HI Cravings

How do you make the most Instagrammable açaí bowl ever? Put edible cookie dough on top, of course! Well played, HI Cravings.

Idaho: The Soda Barn

The Soda Barn knows any celebration calls for cookie dough. Celebrate with any of its five delicious flavors, including Monster and Holy Nutella.

Illinois: Cookie Dough Creations

Gotta love that Chicago dough. Opened since 1995, Cookie Dough Creations proudly serves eight classic flavors of cookie dough and cookie dough sandwiches.

Indiana: Indyo Frozen Yogurt Treats & Sweets

Who doesn't love that straight out of the mixing bowl taste? That's what you'll get from the cookie dough at Indyo Frozen Yogurt Treats & Sweets when you head to its Greenwood location.

Iowa: Just Dough

Located in Scratch Cupcakery, Just Dough serves its scrumptious cookie dough in multiple ways, including in a cup, a cone, a shake, and coolest of all, a cannoli.

Kansas: Aunt P's Sugartime Confections

Aunt P may be better known for her cupcakes and cookies, but her edible cookie dough still sets the bar pretty high—especially when its served in a sprinkle-rimmed cone.

Kentucky: Raw

Just like the horses at the Kentucky Derby, you'll run to get Raw's edible cookie dough topped with sprinkles or chocolate chips.

Louisiana: Geaux Deaux

If you love to eat King Cake during Mardi Gras, then you'll absolutely love to eat Geaux Deaux's King Cake dough, dusted with the cake's signature tricolored sprinkles. 

Maine: Specialty Sweets

Classic dough never gets olds. Specialty Sweets knows the way to your heart with its Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle flavors, as well as with specialty ones like Pumpkin and Raspberry Thumbprint.

Maryland: DoDo Cookie Dough and Ice Cream

Why not mix and match cookie dough and ice cream? At DoDo, you can do just that in a cone or cup with any of its classic dough flavors.

Massachusetts: Little Donkey

Talk about straight out of the mixing bowl. This Boston restaurant serves its edible cookie dough right on a mixing spoon with a dollop of whipped cream.

Michigan: Detroit Dough

Watch out, movie theater popcorn! At Emagine Theatres in Michigan, you can order Detroit Dough's edible cookie dough at the counter to go with your soda.

Minnesota: Dough Dough

With both a food truck and a storefront at the Mall of America, Dough Dough has made sure the edible cookie dough trend has gotten around the North Star State. If you're ever there, stop by the shop and order the Flight of Dough, because there's nothing better than a sample plate of multiple cookie dough flavors.

Mississippi: Dolce Bakeshop

Dolce Bakeshop knows how to wow their customers. Try its cookie dough in a chocolate-dipped sundae waffle bowl or decked out like a unicorn. (Cute AF, right?)

Missouri: KC Cookie Dough Madness

You better believe that Missouri knows the cookie dough craze is madness! (In the best way, obvs.) Go to this edible cookie dough shop for both classic and specialty flavors alike, especially its Fruity Pebble one.

Montana: Mary's Mountain Cookies

Would you climb a mountain if there was edible cookie dough at the top? If it was from Mary's Mountain Cookies, then you definitely would.

Nebraska: Cookie Dough Express

Rainbow dough, FTW. Besides its marbled Unicorn Poop flavor, Cookie Dough Express goes above and beyond with it cookie dough, boasting flavors like Winter is Coming (peppermint patties and mocha) and Lickety-Split (marshmallow, bananas, hot fudge, and sprinkles).

Nevada: Ice Scroll Cafe and Creamery

Most people may come to Ice Scroll for its rolled ice cream, but its three cookie dough offerings—Signature Cookie Dough, Birthday Cake, and Cookies N Dream—are pretty delicious, too.

New Hampshire: Wonderland Cookie Dough Co.

Alice would definitely fall down the rabbit hole for this dough. Not only does Wonderland Cookie Dough Co. make fantastical dough, but it also has vegan and gluten-free flavors. 

New Jersey: Just Dough It

This cookie dough is already making waves. With all of its flavors named after places on the Jersey Shore, it's pretty safe to say that Just Dough It serves what will be the next best beachside treat.

New Mexico: N/A

Sadly, there is no dough here yet. But considering how quickly the edible dough trend has swept the nation, there's sure to be an NM dough shop coming soon.

New York: DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections

If there's anywhere you first heard of serving edible cookie dough, it's probably . This shop has become a pop culture staple in the last two years with its adorable dough and cones. Just be warned—if you ever decide to visit, expect to wait a while before you get up to the counter.

North Carolina: Cookie Dough Bliss

Cookie dough = bliss, no question. Cookie Dough Bliss just drives the fact with its heavenly cookie flavors, including Speculoos Cookie and Samoa.

North Dakota: Scoop N Dough Candy Co.

Old fashioned-style sweet shops are better with edible cookie dough, don't you think? Go to Scoop N Dough Candy Co. for some generous portions of dough, as well as ice cream, shakes, and specialty popcorns.

Ohio: Cookie Dough Creamery

During the summer, there is nothing better than soft serve and cookie dough from this Ohio shop. But come winter, you can go to the shop for more than just dough—retro video games, like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

Oklahoma: dOugh M G

This food truck based out of Oklahoma always serves its dough with a smile and a little conversation. Maybe you'll get to hear more about its six staple flavors, as well as the special flavor for it next big event. 

Oregon: The Cookie Dough Cafe

You may have seen this edible cookie dough sold in grocery stores, but there's also now a brick and mortar store in Portland! Feel free to get just a regular scoop of dough, or add a sprinkled cookie to your scoop if you want to be a little fancy.

Pennsylvania: Baked Cookies & Dough

No matter if you eat Baked Cookies and Dough's cookie dough in a cup or jar, you're bound to fall head over heels for all of its gourmet flavors. But the real MVP? The shop's Ice Cream Doughwich, aka vanilla ice cream stuffed between scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Rhode Island: A Piece of Cake

How about a piece of dough? If you're ever in Rhode Island, check out this shop for both its elaborate cakes and old-school cookie dough.

South Carolina: Adoughable Cookies

Isn't South Carolina's take on the dessert adoughable? Take a trip to the state's Haywood Mall for this edible cookie dough, specifically the Triple Chocolate flavor.

South Dakota: Dakota Snow

Although this food truck specializes in shaved ice, it has just started serving edible chocolate chip cookie dough too! Order some on colder days when you can't bare the temperature of shaved ice.

Tennessee: NoBaked Cookie Dough

With ten decadent flavors and its pretty pink-and-white aesthetic, it's hard not to love NoBaked Cookie Dough. Even Taylor Swift would probably love to try it whenever she returns to Nashville (and take a whole tub home that she could eat from later).

Texas: Viva La Dough

Only in Texas would you get scoops of cookie dough as huge as the state. At Viva La Dough, indulge in any of the shop's classic or daily flavors, especially the ones with stellar names. (Is Robert Brownie Jr. not the best cookie dough name you've ever heard?)

Utah: Dough Co

Obviously, desserts without rules are better. This principle is what Dough Co prides itself on, and true to its word, you can eat as much of its edible cookie dough as you want without the reprimanding you received as a kid.

Vermont: N/A

While Vermont-based Ben and Jerry's is widely known for its cookie dough flavors, there is still no edible cookie dough shop in Vermont. Maybe the ice cream brand will open one in the future?

Virginia: Sophie's Dough

Sophie's Dough knows how to make its customers nostalgic, blending Lucky Charms cereal and Teddy Grahams into some of its flavors. Really, it doughsen't get better than that.

Washington: Tacoma Dough

If you want cookie dough delivered to you in Washington, then nothing beats the deliciousness of Tacoma Dough. Don't know what flavor to choose? Holy Fudge Nuggets! is definitely a safe bet, considering it's inspired by Cosmic Brownies.

Washington, D.C.: The Dough Jar

Don't forget the country's capital! This D.C. dough shop used to go by a different name, but despite the change, it still serves jars of its seven signature flavors—it's just the new name tells it more like it is.

West Virginia: Grab n' Go Grub

Why can't edible cookie dough be an easy-to-grab snack? Grab n' Go Grub makes it just that, and sells a variety of flavors too, like S'mores and Macadamia Nut.

Wisconsin: The Dough Shoppe

Cookie dough is for sure a wholesome treat, and this shop just takes the wholesomeness to another level. Every month, The Dough Shoppe donates all of its tips—and 10% of its sales—to a local non-profit or school. Plus, it also offers a military discount to those who serve the community, including police and firefighters.

Wyoming: Alla Lala Cupcakes and Sweet Things

Wouldn't you say cookie dough is a sweet thing? Along with its boutique cupcakes, Alla Lala makes dough straight in the mixer, and isn't opposed to having a few people taste-test a fresh batch.