Everyone loves a good Food Network competition show every once in a while, but which one matches your zodiac sign? You may discover a show you have never watched before, or never even heard of. And they all have food in them, so you really can't go wrong. 

Aries: Iron Chef Gauntlet

Aquarius are ambitious, driven, and brave, and so are the contestants on Iron Chef Gauntlet. Aquarius also love to bring excitement into the lives of others, and trust me, this show is nothing but exciting. 

Taurus: Worst Cooks in America

This isn't because Taurus are necessarily bad chefs, but rather that they fight for what they want, like many of the contestants on the show. Plus Taurus can be a little stubborn, and the contestants on Worst Cooks In America are too.

Gemini: Cooks vs. Cons

This one is pretty obvious; Gemini have multiple sides to them, and in Cooks vs. Cons nobody knows who is who. This pairing is made in Food Network Heaven (which I really hope exists). 

Cancer: Chopped

As the least predictable of the signs, Cancer matches perfectly with the crazy nature of Chopped's mystery baskets. Cancers are also adventurous, like the contestants on the show often are (and have to be). 

Leo: Guys Grocery Games

The hot-tempered yet forgiving nature of Leo is exactly what is needed for Guy's Grocery Games, as Guy can be pretty annoying when it comes to his games. But in the end, Guy is a sweetheart just like Leos. 

Virgo: Cake Wars

Virgo and the smarts of the sign match with Cake Wars and the scientific nature needed to bake and create such beautiful cake designs. Everyone loves some good cake, and everyone loves a Virgo too. 

Libra: Kids Baking Championship

Libras get along with everyone, and Kids Baking Championship is a cooking show that is hard to dislike. A bunch of cute kids making even cuter cupcakes? What's not to like?

Scorpio: Iron Chef America

The intensity of a Scorpio is necessary in order to compete in the culinary competition that is Iron Chef America. The questioning nature and hard-working mind of a Scorpio is what matched them so well with Iron Chef America.

Sagittarius: Beat Bobby Flay

The positive nature of Sagittarius is necessary in competing against one of the most renowned chefs in America on Beat Bobby Flay. The reckless side to Sagittarius kicks in when they go all the way in trying to beat the unbeatable man

Capricorn: The Next Food Network Star

Capricorns are known for being extremely ambitious, and there is nothing more ambitious than trying to become the next Food Network icon. 

Aquarius: Cutthroat Kitchen

Aquarius does not care what people think about them, they just want to win, like the contestants on Cutthroat Kitchen. Their nature of working hard towards discovering new things is necessary when problems are thrown their way on the show. 

Pisces: Cupcake Wars

Pisces are sensitive, but still love a good challenge, which is why Cupcake Wars is perfect from them. Cupcake Wars contestants tend to be friendly and upbeat, just like Pisces. 

No matter what your sign, I recommend watching all of these Food Network competition shows, and getting a good dose of cooking in your life.