I’m feeling poetic today. Poetic and hungry.

Sitting in English Class, craving something sweet, but not too sweet. Cookie Butter is my everything; lathered on top of, pretty much, all foods, it provides a sweet flavor with subtle hints of my favorite spices of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Really, it acts as a representation of the best of fall flavors. Although the original Belgian treat of Speculoos is harder to find, you can purchase a jar of Cookie Butter from Trader Joe’s in smooth, crunchy and, now, chocolate swirl varieties. Trust me, it will change your life.

An Ode to Cookie Butter

Oh, Cookie Butter, how you complete me
Would that I could eat thee
Atop crispy, juicy grapes
Or mixed into frosting layering cakes.

Baked into rich, chocolately brownies you’re a winner
Hell, I’d eat you by the spoonful just for dinner.
Perhaps you’d be better for breakfast,
Swirled into creamy oatmeal; Ooh, so reckless.

All above is just supposed to say,
That I love you, Speculoos.
I’d eat you every day.